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Say what you will about DANA WHITE; but, somewhere deep inside the bowels of his body he cares about fighters and their safety. After all someone does in theory have to protect fighters from themselves. The UFC for all its issues is man-for-man the high upper echelon of talent. Its a world of sharks and killers ready to swallow new fresh meat. Despite that; its also where every single fighter wants to be. Who if anyone has the right to say “no, this is not the right place for you, your dreams will never be realized”? Well (the promoter) that’s who. There’s been much debate back and forth on one such man’s quest to step into the octagon.

The 32 year old congenital amputee who’s left arm ends just below his left elbow; NICK NEWELL; has been chasing this dream for quite a while. He’s to be looked at as an inspiration in just doing things “the rest of us” look at as menial and simple. He like so many in combat sports has worked hard in the regional circuit to become cult like figures with hardcore supporters. In fact; the 14-1 fighter made it as far as the WSOF; going 4-1 there. His lone career loss was to now UFC lightweight star JUSTIN GAETHJE. Justin on numerous occasions has said Nick’s one of the toughest fighters he’s ever had to fight. He has 11 1st round finishes and 9 wins via submission. Including a neck crank on SONNY LUQUE at LFA 35; coming after a 2 year hiatus from the sport.

While there has been a major ground swell for him to get a crack at joining the UFC, is he ready for those deep waters? Only time will tell. As a company it’s completely understandable why they’d be a bit nervous giving him a contract. Should he get merked badly, they may get beat up bad in public perception. And they’ve had too much bad press as of late (see Jon Jones, Conor, weight cuts, etc). It’s a safe assumption just about any other 14-1 fighter would easily get the call from the UFC. Former MLB pitcher JIM ABBOTT is a close friend who baffled hitters without a right arm. The human body is an incredible machine that can adapt to any “situation”. His has, and this summer he finally gets a crack. Dana White has given him the opportunity to fight on “The Dana White Contender Series”. No doubt the nerves level will be raised that night (TBD when); as will be the eyes on him. A win there, especially if done in fantastic manner just about guarantees him a roster spot.

Don’t be too shocked if that happens by the way.


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