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NFBC Draft #2

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We are still a few weeks away from the beginning of the MLB season, and the big money drafts are still upcoming. One strategy I have never used is to wait on pitching. Since I started playing MLB season long fantasy, I was always the guy who went hard early for pitching with much success. Whether it was a small home league online or a big money live draft, this has always been my way. Going into my third year of DFS and my fifteenth or so year of season long MLB, my eyes have been opened to many new opinions and ways to approach the season. I am not one to openly take others opinions nor do I subscribe to any of the so-called expert sites as I like to do the work myself. I do read as much as I can and listen to opinions online and the radio, but rarely do I implement them. There are few in the industry whose opinions I value and Ray Flowers at Fantasy Alarm is one of them. I have been able to listen to him on the radio and follow him on twitter for a while now and I have decided to implement one of his thoughts. This would be to wait on pitching.

I used Saturday’s 12-team satellite draft in the NFBC to give this a try. I must say it was extremely uncomfortable. The goal was not to take a pitcher until at least 15 were off the board. I would not take my first pitcher until Round #7. There were only 14 pitchers off the board as I went to take my 5th round pick, and when my 6th pick came, I did not like the pitchers who were available in that spot.

I had the 8th pick and was given a gift in round # 1 as Goldschmidt was sitting there for me to grab. At Pick #17 in round two I secured Marte and was excited to get two great players early. I went for Posey in round 3 as I wanted two solid catchers and came back with Abreu in round #4. Rendon was my 5th choice and I took J.D. Martinez in round # 6 who I though was a steal. What I was not prepared for were the seven pitchers who would be selected before my 7th round choice #80 overall. 23 pitchers were now off the board including six closers. I was in panic mode. Luckily, Quintana was available and I snapped him up to anchor my staff. While he is not the ace I am used to, I was not displeased. I went back to catcher in round #8 with Realmuto and took pitching in rounds 9 and 10 with Teheran and Miller.

The rest of the draft was filled with risk and some sweet value picks. I took closers back to back in rounds 12 and 13 with Robertson and Dyson and feel good about my saves situation. I picked up hitters Andrus in Round 11, the versatile Zobrist in the 14th round, and Morales who might be my favorite pick outside of Goldschmidt in round #15. I picked up eight more starting pitchers in the last 15 rounds including great values with Guerra in round #25 and Nova in round #27. My favorite late round hitters included Kepler in round #20, Maybin in round #21, and Harrison in round #26. I have all 10 categories covered and while am not in a position to dominate any category, I will compete for the top 3 in each of them which should allow me to take the overall crown. I still have mixed feeling on waiting so long for pitching and may allow myself at least one ace in the first three rounds to put me more at ease going forward.

Below is how my starting lineup looks as we head towards opening day.

C – Posey (3rd Round)

C – Realmuto (8th Round)

1B – Abreu (4th Round)

2B – Zobrist (14th Round)

3B – Rendon – (5th Round)

SS – Swanson – (18th Round)

OF – Grichuk – (17th Round)

OF – Kepler – (20th Round)

OF – Marte – (2nd Round)

OF – Martinez – (6th Round)

OF – Maybin – (21st Round)

MI – Andrus – (11th Round)

CI – Goldschmidt – (1st Round)

UTIL – Morales – (15th Round)

P – Quintana – (7th Round)

P – Teheran – (9th Round)

P – Miller – (10th Round)

P – Robertson – (12th Round)

P – Dyson – (13th Round)

P – Urias – (16th Round)

P – Pomeranz – (19th Round)

P – Shoemaker – (22nd Round)

P – Bundy – (23rd Round)

Bench – Zimmerman (24th Round)

Bench – Guerra (25th Round)

Bench – Harrison (26th Round)

Bench – Nova (27th Round)

Bench – Straily (28th Round)

Bench – Reddick (29th Round)

Bench – Foltynewicz (30th Round)

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