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Did you sleep well? Well; as you wake up, you might be a bit jarred. Jarred as if you were slapped,  “stockton slapped”. Over night the elder DIAZ brother; NICK verbally slapped the new “champ champ”; DANIEL CORMIER. He did it via his instagram account:

  • nickdiaz209Sick of this all this “baddest man on the planet” bs. I’ll fight for any title at Any weight. @Ufc wants to make bs wwf fights with guys that fight like shit and put on an act. @dc_mma would look way worse than I do in this pic if he fought Anderson the way I did but instead he decided to wrestle fuck him for five rounds in front of his whole life And still almost got finished off in the last round with Silva only having two or three weeks notice @danawhiteshould give me this fight instead of dick chest Brock Lesnars cheating ass #dontbescaredhomie nothing personal I love Dc but I don’t like what he does-constantly embarrassed for him and the sport
    I started doing MMA because it’s not WWF and I’ve never put on A bs act in my life I’m sure fans would like to see a real fight @nick_diaz_academy    

Now it’s highly doubtful that Nick will be stepping back into the octagon anytime soon; especially since he has his own issues to worry about. Although recently cleared by USADA for action; Las Vegas prosecutors added 2 more felony charges in his domestic violence case. His words however are the feeling of many in the MMA community. Although Nick did fight across multiple divisions; he only went up to middleweight once; his last fight vs ANDERSON SILVA. But throw him into the mix at welter weight now; things could get interesting; friendships aside. Just think of Nick vs TYRON, COLBY, TILL, RDA, WONDERBOY. A soon to be 35 year old Nick at light heavy, or harder to image heavyweight vs Cormier would be the money fight Daniel wants, but again; very doubtful. Especially since the clock is ticking on DC’s March 20th career deadline.

Despite DC’s  monstrous uptick in popularity; Brock bothers many. This is bluntly the company giving the ultimate company man his “gold watch”. The roulette wheel of his other opponent though keeps growing and getting more interesting everyday. In case you forgot the headcount it’s: GUSTAFSSON, RUA, OSP, OEZDEMIR, MANUWA, STIPE, JONES (at lhw & hw), BLAYDES, VOLKOV, ROMEROand now add NICK.

Guess when you become a “CHAMP CHAMP” the world truly is your oyster.


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