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Nikki Cross Brings Some SAnitY To Smackdown Live

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Has there ever been a more charismatic and insane character in the Women’s division than Nikki Cross?

Cross made her main roster debut on Tuesday night as a surprise opponent for SmackDown Women’s champ Becky Lynch. Seeing her former NXT stable mates SAnitY introduce her provided the WWE Universe a glimpse as to where her persona came from for those who were not familiar with her time in the stable in NXT. It also shows that IF Cross is up on the main roster for good, that she will be alongside SAnitY, a major positive for both the stable and Cross. SAnitY has been floundering on the main roster ever since their call up earlier this year. The introduction of Cross could give the group some much needed life as potential opponents for Sheamus and Cesaro in the tag team title picture.

Getting back to Cross’ main roster debut, she put up a heck of a fight against Becky Lynch in a losing effort.

With Cross’ rise in popularity in recent months on NXT due to her involvement in the Aleister Black sneak attack story line, this is the perfect time to give Cross a good run and see what she can do individually besides what she can accomplish in SAnitY.

I wonder if Cross knows a secret on the SmackDown Live roster as well?

Once can only hope.


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