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No Fun League

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First of all, I’m a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan and you either love the Cowboys or you hate them, meaning I could have a lot of friends that have the same interests as me or I have a target on my back and I don’t have many friends at all. I frequent the Dallas Cowboys’ website on a regular basis, because I am a nerd like that and I want to stay up to date on what’s going on with the Cowboys and I read a good article by David Helm where he said this hasn’t been that fun of a season to cover and I have to agree with him. I have some friends that have been turned off from the whole NFL season and I feel the same way, a lot of that stems from the kneeling controversy and some has to do with the whole Ezekiel Elliott back and forth, one day your suspended and one day you are not. It feels like the season has a stigma attached to it, until now and he is definitely suspended.

If Colin Kaepernick’s intent was to raise social injustice awareness in America and have the public talk about the issue, then it looks like he has accomplished his mission. We’re talking about it. Is it helping? Are we treating everyone equal? I don’t know. I mean, in my opinion we probably may never treat everyone with the dignity and respect that everyone deserves? We probably will never treat everyone equal. It would be nice, in a perfect world, it would be nice.

The players that are raising this social injustice awareness are saying this is not about disrespecting the flag, the National Anthem or the military, but the perception for many, and I can’t speak for everyone because that just wouldn’t be fair, but for many, the perception is that it is somewhat disrespectful to consciously start kneeling when you hear the music of the National Anthem start, or when you hear someone start singing the National Anthem especially when there is a huge American flag on the field in front of you, the military on the field presenting the colors and possibly military jet’s, or military bombers flying over. That gives me chills thinking about it, yet the people raising social injustice awareness start kneeling when they hear the first note of the National Anthem and stand back up when the song is over. For me I get chills when I think about the Fathers, the Mothers, the Sisters and Brothers, the Husbands and Wives that gave the ultimate sacrifice, they signed a blank check, so others can kneel, or protest the National Anthem. The players may believe it’s not about the flag, or the National Anthem, but to many it is and they view it or perceive it as disrespectful and I hate the word perception. I am a firm believer that perception is not reality, but in this case I feel like it is the perception.

If all males over 18 served in the military, it would teach discipline, and respect for the military’s customs and courtesies and much more. They taught us in the military to stand at attention and salute on the first note of the National Anthem, to stand up straight and proud at attention and lower your salute at the end of the last note. I bet if you deployed to an area where you had to live in a tent, eat meals ready to eat or MRE’s or even at a Chow Hall, DFAC, or other mobile kitchen, in a danger zone sleeping on a cot or sometimes wherever you can find a place to sleep, away from family and friends, you might feel the same way we do about our customs and courtesies. I know that’s what I am thinking about when I hear the National Anthem. If all males served in the U.S. military then maybe they might understand how some of us veterans feel about the flag, and the National Anthem, but you got us talking about it, that was your objective right?

To me, it feels like this is tearing us further apart, and not bringing us closer together, but I don’t know what it’s like to be profiled, so I may be wrong.

Are there any alternatives to kneeling during the National Anthem? Could we raise social injustice awareness another way? What if the players made public service announcements? They could be played before the game, during the game, during halftime, and after the game. I love football, so I am going to continue to watch, I just think there may be a different way to raise social injustice awareness.

Now, I still want my Dallas Cowboys to figure out a way to block, protect their quarterback and establish the run game, now that Ezekiel Elliott is serving his six game suspension. I hope the Cowboys can find a way to play better than they did against Atlanta, and Philadelphia, we will see on Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving!


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