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To quote the great ABRAHAM LINCOLN; “the eye’s of the world are upon us”. Thus it seems the NSAC wants to keep this fight held to a bit of a higher standard, so there can be no excuses in its outcome.

 On Wednesday the Nevada State Athletic Commission finished the house work for the Money Fight; Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. First they announced that referee ROBERT BYRD will be the third man in the ring that night. The Hall of Famer was a unanimous choice and is an extremely qualified and fair choice. He’s reffed many huge fights and shouldn’t melt from the spotlight in this one. He tends to let fighters fight and isn’t quick on getting between them. Which may give a minuscule advantage towards Conor who may want to take the fight into the abyss. Byrd’s wife ADALAIDE; is his only connection to the MMA world, as she has judged many fights.

Next was the announcing of the judges. Also all fair and very reputable. BURT CLEMENTSDAVE MORETTI, and GUIDO CAVALLERI will be handling those duties. The three have judged at least 10 fights so far this year. While Burt and Dave are stateside more, Guido has judged throughout Asia and Europe.

Then came the hearing as requested by both teams as far as glove size is concerned. It has been a rule that 154 pound fights are to have 10 oz gloves. Only 147 pound and below may use 8 oz gloves. But what started out on social media has become a reality. Sorta the way this fight happened, sorta the way the world works today. If there’s an outcry or wave of emotion on social media, things happen. The commission decided to allow a one time bending of their hard fast rules, and permit this fight to happen in the 8 oz gloves. Floyd has fought in both, and Conor in the UFC is in 4 oz ones. The commission is expected to open up gloves and scrutinize them extensively to make sure they are made with enough protection not only on the fists, but the thumbs and wrists as well. Both fighters are happy with the commissions decision. At this point in their careers though it has to give another minuscule advantage to Conor who has the knockout power. The Association of Ringside Physicians argued against the change stating it sets a precedent for future fights, and shouldn’t happen unless they have scientific reasons for it; and not cause of a “social media blitz”. There were 3 stipulations put in by the commission however. The gloves and the alternates must be inspected by the chairman and executive director personally, after the fight the NSAC is to get the gloves, and they will be used for studies on future glove sizes.

Well; guess that’s a couple of things memorabilia hunters won’t get their hands on, or put in the fighters own showcases.



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