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There’s a contradiction to everything said and done on earth. Everyone is not treated equally. Sports emulates life. While “trash talk” has escalated to new heights over the last couple of years; it’s just a product of the “world star world” we now live in. Is it right? Is it justified? Is it over the top at times? No no and yes. But genie came out of the bottle long ago.

Muhammad Ali once called Joe Frazier a “gorilla” and an “uncle tom”. Those are light “disses” in today’s world. But can it ever be curtailed? Yes and no. That’s why businesses have “code of conduct” rules in place to try to put a lid on out of control behaviors; which include verbal ones. We don’t actually have free speech. You can’t go into a building and yell “fire” when there is none. “Racially motivated terms” are red flags that bring swift punishment. ANTHONY A MARNELL III; the NSAC chairman has said “fighting in Nevada is a privilege, not a guaranteed right”. So if they want to put a lid on the over the top trash talk they can do so. And he plans on introducing regulations to do just that. Not only does DANA WHITE question publicly the legality of that; but if you quietly poll fighters, it’s a safe bet they’d question it to. It may very well lead to a real SUPERFIGHT headed to the SUPREME COURT. Can trash talk even be regulated? Is it a fighters constitutional freedom of speech right to say whatever. It’s a fight that most definitely will go to the scorecards. The fight capital of the world, in a state that’s beyond shady may have a hard time proving the moral high ground. If you also polled fighters if they’d like to see it simmered a bit; you’d probably get a yes answer.

Lets remember; money has the final say in everything. The more asses in the seats to watch fights the more the state of Nevada makes. Trash talk is the athlete’s way to “sell” an event. Two fighters unless they are both iconic legends or great at that particular time if cordial just won’t get the groundswell of attention. Add in some aggression, some trash talk, some “angle”; and asses will be in those seats. Which equates to much needed and much wanted dollar signs. Trash talk is nothing personal (even if they are personal attacks); it’s business. It’s the way everyone gets paid. While no doubt yes it’s gone too far for some; even in this slippery world we live in, it would be devastating to be regulated. So would it be ok to call someone a “mother f-er” and not a “c- sucker”? Who’s setting the standard, drawing the line in the sand, and why are they the one’s to do it? After all someone’s going to always be offended by someone else being offended by another persons offense. Think it’s time we just ALL put our “big boy pants on”  and relax.

Guess just another good reason for fighters; in all combat sports, to be unionized. Hmmm……


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