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Ole Miss Files Appeal On NCAA Sanctions

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As expected from the NCAA rulings that were handed down against Ole Miss in December, the school has filed an appeal disputing the second year bowl ban handed to them along with limited unofficial visits from recruits. The Rebels had already penalized themselves by banning postseason play for 2017 despite going 6-6, but the NCAA added another year for 2018, which they feel is an unfair advantage as far as finances are concerned. They feel the ruling of lack of institutional control penalty does not match the penalty handed down.

According to the appeal filed to the NCAA, Ole Miss felt they have abused their authority handing down the 2018 postseason ban which will require them to forfeit $8 million for the 2018-19 fiscal year and limiting recruits to one unofficial visit for three full years. The appeal also reads that the NCAA did not go into detail as to why the 2018 bowl ban was handed down and also disputes that there was no lack of institutional control which led to the recruiting violations.

This involves more that just major recruiting violations. Former head coach Hugh Freeze abruptly resigned after it was revealed he made calls to an escort service, and not only that, some of the violations occurred under his watch. Freeze was given show cause stating once he became head coach anywhere within the FBS within a specific period of time, that he would have to serve a two-game suspension, in which he could most likely wait out. His former assistants however got bigger show causes.

From the wild story of Laremy Tunsil leading up to Freeze’s infidelity, these penalties can be hard to swallow. As far as recruiting violations, they seem punishable enough, but losing another postseason can appear to be too harsh. You had to have expected more penalties to be handed down, but not the postseason ban. As many upcoming seniors they may have lost, they deserve a break.

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