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Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze Resigns

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After all the allegations of wrongdoing before and during the tenure of Hugh Freeze at Ole Miss, regardless of what infraction anybody within the team committed before and after, everyone defended him. If it wasn’t the NCAA investigation trying to bring Freeze down, something else would follow and just out of the blue that was what happened Thursday night. Though not NCAA related, this situation was far more personal and serious than paying a player.

Freeze was reportedly found to have dialed an escort service using his Ole Miss restricted phone at least one time. What was thought to be a misdial which lasted a minute at first, a further investigation from Ole Miss uncovered what they called a concerning pattern. With the Houston Nutt lawsuit looming, the self-imposed bowl ban for one year and now the inappropriate phone calls, Hugh Freeze has immediately resigned from Ole Miss with no settlement or buyout and now co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Matt Luke will take over.

Freeze was in the middle of fighting for his job while being accused by the NCAA for lack of institutional control and just last week gave his preview of the 2017 team and deflected unwanted questions during SEC Media Days. This has been one problem piling on top of another adding more fuel to the fire when the school’s findings was now just the tip of the iceberg. It wasn’t the NCAA that officially brought him down, but one alleged “misdial” that officially sealed his fate at Oxford.

A team that was on the rise to compete with the likes of Alabama and any other major power outside the SEC has now crumbled back down to earth once again. It has already began to trigger decommitments with one player from the 2019 class and could now launch transfers in which their recruiting is going to be limited the next couple of years. Freeze ends his five year tenure at Ole Miss with a 39-25 record along with a 3-1 postseason record including the 2015 Sugar Bowl which was his biggest accomplishment.

For now, athletic direction Ross Bjork says the team sits as is and no immediate search will be launched. If we thought that fighting through NCAA sanctions for one year with no postseason was hard enough, this one isolated and unrelated incident will make things even harder. Whether this may force the NCAA’s hand into coming down even harder remains to be seen.

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