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Once NASCAR Is Sold, Expect Major Changes

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What is most likely the biggest news to ever come out of NASCAR since Dale Earnhardt Jr retired has most likely gotten a lot of fans and even drivers wondering what to expect. News came out on Monday that the France family is looking to put NASCAR on the market, and usually with new ownership come big changes. As mentioned before, this could be one reason why Monster Energy will end its short reign as primary sponsor of the Cup series in 2019, but that may not be the only change.

Instead of a new sponsored name like NASCAR Lowe’s Cup Series or anything like that in the matter could be a thing of the past, as it could renamed Major Leauge NASCAR or anything in that fashion. You can also expect changes in the Xfinity and the soon to be rebranded Gander Outdoors Truck Series, but only once their sponsorship time is up. With sponsors like Lowe’s leaving the sport, the time of driver sponsorship could be changing also, but the transition won’t stop there.

The track schedule you see could also change. While there are some popular tracks like Daytona which will stay onboard, there could be other cities drivers may be racing at. Once a year races like Kentucky, Sonoma or even Homestead may get switched around or removed from the schedule altogether. If tracks like Talladega or Dover gets removed mostly because of no night racing, that could put a huge dent in the owners pockets as some tracks are still somewhat traditional.

The modern day tradition as we know today as far as sponsors and scheduling could be coming to an end once NASCAR gets sold, if not sooner or later. With sponsors scaling back or leaving the sport altogether, there is not a whole lot left to go around. Even with recent retirements of Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart to name a few have caused fans to leave. Enjoy your modern day tradition while you can fans, you may not be seeing in much longer.

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