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One day closer to the biggest day in the early PFL history books; it’s finals. Six fighters came down into the CRYSTAL BALLROOM of the New Yorker Hotel Saturday morning to do a quick 15 minute workout (well; 5 plus KAYLA HARRISON doing a judo lesson). SEAN O’CONNELL was 1st on the mat. Not only has he had a career resurgence lately, and gotten married, but he’s contemplating going on further. He also handles broadcasting duties for the company as well. And he hosts a sports talk radio show out of his native Utah. Push come to shove though he mentioned he’d rather sit along side BAS RUTTEN and RANDY COUTURE. He also said that although recently he’s been getting clipped hard, early, and often; it’s his survival mode that he loves, which keeps him going and keeps him off the canvas. JOSH COPELAND said he believes training at altitude in his hometown of Colorado has absolutely helped him during this tournament. Win, lose, or draw (well; there are no draws); him and PHILIPE LINS plan to put on a fireworks display of phone booth fighting. Cornering “THE CUDDLY BEAR”; is BELLATOR fighter JUSTIN WREN. Justin informed me that although Bellator has offered him multiple fights recently he’s had no choice in turning them down. He is coming off of a major knee operation that was a multiple time mis-diagnosis. He’s planning on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at the end of March; then look to go into a fight camp and step back into action mid-summer.

Kayla announced to the fans and media she really doesn’t “DO” open workouts. Instead she rather do a judo throwing lesson. After trying unsuccessfully to egg on her boyfriend; UFC fighter Tony Martin, Ray Sefo, and Carlos Silva; found her 5 pupils. After the lesson she talked with us how despite other organizations have had problems filling a 145 pound female division, she fully believes in the company to get a 155 pound one off the ground. When pushed what would happen if they couldn’t she said she’d cut to 145 as a last resort. The former Olympic medal winner is ANTI-WEIGHT CUT more so than any other fighter. She walks around at 160, and said point blank “fighters need to be close to walk around weight”. Harrison also said she’s grateful for all the advice given to her by her co-broadcasters  RANDY COUTURE and BAS RUTTEN; and looks at Bas like a big ‘ol brother. On a lighter note she informed me that while training for her 1st fight the producers of IMPRACTICAL JOKERS asked her to be a regular on the program; which she sadly had to turn down. But if the timings right would love to go back on.

VINNY MAGALHAES is humbled and proud to know that President of Fighter Development RAY SEFO; who also trains at EXTREME COUTURE in Vegas has noticed his growth over the last year. Vinny fully admits he trained “half-assed” in the past and now takes it very seriously. That’s something that can only come with maturity he said. Facing Sean; he knows he’s a bulldog and that’s why he wants to put him away asap “and not let him breathe”. He mentioned that its special that the 10th anniversary of his season of TUF just past with him going for a title, and former teammate RYAN BADER trying to become a champ-champ. LANCE PALMER and STEVEN SILER go way back to when they were in college. Despite that and multiple fights between them Palmer’s taking nothing for granted and is ready for wherever Steven wants the fight to go. Lance also said that he fell in love with AMERICAN BULLIES  because of their high drives and need to work. He let me know his; is presently at one of the best kennels in Sacramento otherwise; he’d come home to a torn up house.

RAY COOPER III has finally been figured out. Not by any fighters as of yet; but by yours truly. He is; and might be the only athlete ever to be a total introvert. Most do start out that way; but once they get a taste of the spotlight and high fame, that tends to change. It won’t with him. While he appreciates and loves the fact he started the season as “just another fighter”; is now one of it’s faces, is just an after thought for him. Think a “oh gee gosh rookie Eli Manning; to an umpteenth degree”. While he expanded on yesterdays comments about the company going to Hawaii would be nice; he doesn’t care if they do. He also really isn’t interested it seems in being mixed in with the “BJPenns, Holloways, etc”“I’m my own man, I worry about my family and only what god thinks”. As far as MAGOMED MAGOMEDKERIMOV goes; he’s fully confident he’ll finish him in the 1st round.


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