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To quote the BOYZ II MEN song; we’ve come to the end of the road. Season 1 of the PFL ends this Monday; December 31st where 6 fighters not only become millionaires, but more importantly to most if not all; become champions. In the words of the #1 seeded light heavyweight; VINNY MAGALHAES“it’s not really a million dollars; there’s the tax bracket, my manager, and my wife”. Credentialed and sitting right in front of the center of the stage during the final presser yours truly was witness to the final stages before the big night. Both CARLOS SILVA and RAY SEFO not only honored the fighters, looked back, but teased what may come next year. Two things were confirmed. One; all fighters making the finals will be offered the opportunity to fight next season. The other; KAYLA HARRISON will have the new female 155 pound division built around her.

LOUIS TAYLOR made it be known his very close loss to DAVID BRANCH at the HULU THEATER 2 years ago to the day at WSOF-NYC will not be repeated. Despite ABUS MAGOMEDOV coming out of nowhere to be the #1 seeded middleweight. The 1-2 match up of featherweights pits 2 fighters that know each other quite well in STEVEN SILER and LANCE PALMER. Palmer; who told me wrestlers are continuing their dominance in MMA due to their incredible work ethic. A battle of ATT teammates happens at lightweight when RASHID MAGOMEDOV and NATAN SCHULTE throw down before heading back to Coconut Creek and helping each other.

Recently married; SEAN O’CONNELL who was on the verge of retirement; who continues to broadcast as well mixes it up with the most improved fighter in the finals; Magalhaes. Sefo who highly praised Vinny; as well as him admitting himself; he’s more focused and serious now than back in his TUF/UFC days. Sean knows he has to keep coming forward and may need to turn this into a fire fight. Sean also said that come next season he will be back to broadcasting part time. Eight seeded  JOSH COPELAND absolutely has his hands filled with Brazilian  PHILIPE LINSMORIEL CHARNESKI; reminded everyone she’s been an underdog in all her fights, so there’s no pressure vs Kayla. Then when pressed to speak about the CYBORG-NUNES fight also this weekend; she said “the baddest woman on earth is right here”.

RAY COOPER III received the biggest “pop” as it seemed all of Hawaii made the long trip east. He said he’s not really a fan of the cold weather and looks forward to going back home. I had the chance to ask him if since ILIMA-LEI MACFARLANE brought BELLATOR to the islands, the UFC seems uninterested in going for MAX HOLLOWAY; would he petition Silva and Sefo to bring the PFL there. He said; he didn’t care what other organizations did; and was only interested in fighting for his family friends and god. When I pressed Ray Sefo; (with Kayla Harrison screaming she’d like to go) he said maybe it could be discussed but the finals have to come 1st. As the fighters then did faceoffs; Sefo had little to worry that things would get nasty between fighters, as there seems to be a high respect between all of them. The rest of the weekends festivities are workouts Saturday afternoon, followed by weighins on Sunday, with the fights right before the ball drops in Times Square. It’s a safe bet that a couple of fighters will drop as well.


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