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Playoff Teams Use Trade Deadline to Fill Gaps

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This year’s Major League Baseball trade deadline has been equivalent to those of years past. There’s those few names who are legit superstars who end up on the move due to impending free agency or a they are on a team that is in rebuilding mode. The past two years, we have seen names such as Justin Verlander and Aroldis Chapman traded mid-season and have enormous impact on helping their new team win the coveted World Series trophy. Manny Machado was traded a few weeks ago and could have that potential in Los Angeles, where he brings that team back to the World Series and help them win it all this time, unlike last year.

However, this year’s trading deadline has had more emphasis on playoff bound teams filling in necessary gaps. With the game changing so drastically in comparison to even five years ago, any weakness could be enough to spell disaster to the point of not even making the playoffs, regardless of how good your team is in every other phase of the game.

Teams such as the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros are trading for pieces that potentially can be the equation solvers for them. Boston has acquired Nate Eovaldi and Ian Kinsler while the Astros made the move on Monday for troubled reliever Roberto Osuna of Toronto to hopefully fix their disastrous bullpen in an attempt to repeat as World Series champions. Houston has arguably the best rotation in baseball, but their bullpen has blown more than a dozen games this season. The Yankees have been even more reliant on finding puzzle pieces rather than going after the big fish. New York has acquired Zach Britton, J.A. Happ and Lance Lynn in the span of a week in an effort to shore up obvious rotation weaknesses and to add depth to the front end of the bullpen. The Yankees of years past in a pennant run such as this would attempt to get someone like a Chris Archer or a Jacob deGrom in exchange for the entire farm system. Instead, Brian Cashman has been trading away pieces of their bullpen to other contenders for international signing money to continue to bring in more talent for their farm system, knowing his team will be players in the American League for years to come.

Other notable deals as of 10:30 AM on Tuesday:

Milwaukee Brewers acquire Mike Moustakas from Kansas City

Pittsburgh Pirates acquire Keone Kela from Texas

Atlanta Braves acquire Adam Duvall from Cincinnati

Philadelphia Phillies acquire Asdrubal Cabrera from the New York Mets

Seattle Mariners acquire Adam Warren from the New York Yankees


There’s still plenty of time for some trade deadline magic.


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