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London’s SSE Arena Wembley closed out the 3 country 4 city presser tour of Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. It also happens to be the 29th birthday of the Notorious One. Once again to nobody’s shock the festivities started late. But when they did the capacity crowd who mostly came over from Ireland were possibly the most raucous for Conor out of all the venues. After the near melee of Brooklyn’s presser, it was decided that “posses” would be kept away especially since both Conor and Floyd know they can not touch each other before August 26th or face massive penalties. So the “rants” would be done in a make shift boxing ring with just Floyd, Conor, Dana, Ellerbe, and Espinoza at a dais.

As Conor started; Floyd was on his phone which caught his attention. His response was “stop with the phone like a little girl”. He gave props once again to Ellerbe (the way Floyd has given props to Dana White); but said once he puts Mayweather down it all falls on him, and Floyd Sr; and that they got too greedy. He also went after Espinoza again, who has said he doesn’t mind being booed; but the Conor stuff is starting to wear thin with him. Stephen gave McGregor a look and the response was “you wanna stand up? what are you gonna do ?”. He then went after the bodyguards on the floor.

Floyd started by tearing off McGregor’s name posters from the ring posts and stomping on them in front of him. Then grabbed Conor’s mics away and past them to his bodyguards but not before Conor snatched Leonard Ellerbe’s mic. Floyd has yet to come up with anything new; continued to call Conor Dana’s bitch, and hoe. Then the man who said you can’t disrespect a “group” of people, then called Conor a  “pussy faggot”. Which I would assume the Gay/Lesbian community would have no problems with. If you can sense my sarcasm here. He also sang what can only be described as a disgusting version of happy birthday. Well; that’s more of an assumption, due to the audio and video going “out” for 10 seconds on all feeds back to the US. Then they actually took some media questions in the ring.

So after the slip ups in Brooklyn, this re-established the intensity. By the time of the weigh-ins; which is the next time they go face to face one can only imagine what happens.



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