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Rafael Palmeiro Hits Mammoth Home Run at 53 Years Old

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Nearly 13 years since his retirement, Rafael Palmeiro at 53 years old hit a monster home run in an Independent League baseball game as he tries to make an improbable Major League comeback.

After that home run, it still is pretty much impossible Palmerio ever makes it back to the big leagues. For those that don’t know, Palmeiro is one of the most famous faces of the steroid era, failing a PED test due to a tainted B-12 sample. To this day he states that he never intentionally took steroids.

Once that PED test in 2005 came back, it not only ended Palmeiro’s career, but it ended any and all hope Palmeiro would end up in Cooperstown.

Maybe that final closure Palmeiro needs is to dominate independent ball and show that even at his age and much skinnier physique, he can still play the game at a high level. That he truly was a Hall of Fame player that made one mistake, or a Hall of Famer that suffered the consequences of something he actually knew nothing about.

I hope Palmeiro finds the closure as he continues to take pitchers half of his age to the deepest parts of the ballpark.


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