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Recap of Black Monday in the NFL

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Another NFL regular season has come to a close.

Plenty of positive surprises in regards to some playoff teams such as the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears. While teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars and Green Bay Packers are wondering what in the heck happened for things to get so bad.

With that being said, who got the ax on Black Monday? The first Monday after the regular season ends in which teams fire under-performing head coaches and general managers, while also sometimes making immediate and shocking hires.

This year is no different as within 24 hours of the conclusion of the 1 P.M. Sunday slate, there are already SIX coaches who have been given their walking papers. There are those who come as no surprise such as Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph and New York Jets head coack Todd Bowles. Then there’s Miami’s Adam Gase who received the heave ho after a 7-9 finish which in reality, isn’t a fault of his own. It’s the fault of injuries and lackluster play of Ryan Tannehill, as well as other supposed stars on the team. The again, Gase stuck up for Tannehill like a mother sticks up for her troubled child.

Marvin Lewis after 16 years as Bengals head coach has stepped down. While the Oakland Raiders made the first shocking hire (real shocking the Raiders do something completely out of left field) by signing NFL draft aficionado Mike Mayock as their GM. Dirk Koetter of Tampa Bay is gone while Steve Wilks is a goner in Arizona after clinching the worst record in the NFL on Sunday.

There could be plenty more firings and hirings throughout the week, but let’s not have it distract us from this coming weekend’s opening round of football action.

After this weekend, if Houston and Baltimore lose, we could be seeing two more coaches on the chopping block.

I wonder if Hue Jackson is in contention for any of these head coaching vacancies? If so, all I want is another Baker Mayfield vs. Hue Jackson stare down.

That would be great.


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