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Redskins Make Hail Mary Heave, Sign Mark Sanchez

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If you’re a Washington Redskins fan, watching Alex Smith go down at the hands of JJ Watt, only to not get back up essentially destroyed your season.

The Redskins were nowhere near the high-powered offense of the New Orleans Saints or the defensive stoppers of the Chicago Bears, but the Redskins went into Sunday 6-3 and very well could have been 7-3 based on a balanced attack on both sides of the ball. Alex Smith had been doing exactly what he had been brought in to do, lead his team to victory while turning the ball over very few times. He is a game manager Quarterback who knows how to win games when on the field.

Now, Smith will be spending the rest of his season watching from the sidelines as Colt McCoy takes over the starting role at QB. This gives the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and even the New York Giants an opportunity to get back in the thick of things and become the NFC (L)East leaders.

The brutal irony of this is Joe Theismann suffered the same injury exactly 33 years prior for the Redskins at the hands of Lawrence Taylor.

The Redskins needed insurance McCoy, signing league veteran Mark Sanchez for the rest of the season.

Sanchez you may all remember six years ago was the casualty of the infamous “butt fumble” against the New England Patriots.

A little bit of irony here is he will make his debut in a Redskins uniform on the exact six year anniversary of that fumble.

That can’t be a coincidence.

Sanchez last played in an NFL game in 2016 with the Dallas Cowboys. He has a career 73.9 QBR with 86 touchdowns and 86 interceptions.


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