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YOEL ROMERO is one of the finest athletes there is. Not just in MMA; but walking the face of the earth. Yes at the ripe old age of 41 he’s lost a slight tick off his fastball. But; his athleticism is still so much better than everyone else’s it’s freaky. That being said; for all his gifts; there is some sloppiness mixed in. Discussions have risen about him after back-to-back times of missing weight. He’s a feared middleweight; but can he be more? Should he be forced to move up a division? The middleweights over the last year have lost some gusto. ANDERSON SILVA is in limbo, GEGARD MOUSASI is in Bellator,  MICHAEL BISPING is retired, LUKE ROCKHOLD is on the shelf but will be moving up when he returns. The likes of Whittaker, Gastelum, Brunson, Costa, Jotko, and Adesanya can hold down the fort providing some well above average rivalries. So Yoel leaving wouldn’t cripple the division. Plus as we all know the older one gets athlete or not; it’s that much harder to cut weight.

His walk around weight is in the 205-215 range so it makes so much common sense to move up. The move to light heavyweight also sets up some crazy match-ups and new rivalries for him. His last 3 fights  (1-2) should be his wake up call. He’d get to maintain his normal weight and keep the power too. Just think of 3 or even 5 rounders of Yoel vs: ALVEYCOREY ANDERSONOSPMANUWALATIFIOEZDEMIRGUSTAFSSON, and he can re-match his friend ROCKHOLD. All those fights can’t be denied are juicy.

It’s all up to DANA WHITE, the powers that be, and his manager MALKI KAWA to talk him into it. Maybe they could to it in an intervention type way and play a video of Rocky talking to Apollo (“you might not want to admit it, but that’s not us up there anymore, we can’t do those things anymore”).  Whether or not the Illinois State Athletic Commission is responsible for him missing weight in inconsequential. It happened, it is what it is, it’s time for a change and some new blood. Romero has said publicly many times he has no end in sight for his career. There would be not one downside to the move. Frankly with the well rounded skills of Robert Whittaker it might even mean an easier (if there’s even such a thing) path to a title. Which is the thing Yoel wants most.


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