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Say what you will about the way RONDA ROUSEY  left the UFC; and it wasn’t pretty; you now have to call her Hall Of Famer. During her UFC stretch of going 6-2 for the company (finished with a 12-2 career record); she had 5 first round finishes (the 6th was a 3rd rd sub over Miesha Tate). That followed 6 other 1st round finishes (4 coming in Strikeforce). She took bronze in judo at the 2008 Summer Olympics. That helped propel her into the world of MMA. Out of her 9 career submission wins; all came via arm bar. It’s one of those things that’s wonderful to watch in pro-sports. The opponent knows what’s going to happen, and can’t do a thing to stop it. It’s ultimate dominance. She became the most feared fighter during her run. And that’s in both women AND men’s divisions.

IDANA WHITE finally agreeing to give women’s MMA and her a shot it’s changed the course of history; for women; and the sport. With her quick relentlessness she instantly became the idol to millions of young girls around the planet, and gave hope to countless women already training MMA. With the skills that that needed, a pretty smile, it wouldn’t be long before she crossed over to the main stream. That has its own advantages and serious disadvantages of being pulled in so many directions it’s hard to see straight. For all her athleticism in the cage she seemed stiff and rigid in performing outside of it.

Back in the cage you can only keep riding high for so long; eventually time and snake eyes land on you. When it landed on Ronda things unraveled as quick as her locking someone in an arm-bar. After blowing off press responsibilities and 2 devastating losses (to Holm and Nunes) she was fried from the sport she loved so much. A change in her life for her own survival was needed. Marrying TRAVIS BROWNE from all accounts has softened her heart. So much so that the 31 year old wants to start a family in the very near future. With Dana’s blessing she’s moved on to the WWE where she can display her athletic skills at a much less physical cost.

So on July 5th; RONDA will be the 1st woman to enter the UFC Hall Of Fame; in the modern wing. Which puts a nice cherry on top for the MMA career of the former Strikeforce and UFC female bantamweight champion. For now the 2nd time she will be blazing a path for many women to follow. This honor has very much seemed to humble her once again.


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