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ALEX GILPIN and JR COUGHRAN threw hands early. JR had more of a volley; and got the better of the exchanges. With a piston-like left hand, he opened up the side of Alex’s right eye. That seemed to  “wake up” Gilpin; as he caught a second wind. That however didn’t stop Coughran’s left from finding its mark. The 26 year old Alex; was able to get a takedown where he has an advantage. Gilpin worked a D’Arce choke until he finally locked it in too tight at 1:55 into round 2 for the win. Alex; is now on a 7 fight win streak; picking up his 9th finish in 12 wins. BOBBY MOFFETT used the same choke to score a win over JACOB KILBURN 62 seconds into round 2. He softened Kilburn up by taking him down and pounding him all while looking for submissions.

KENNEDY NZECHUKWU picked up a split decision win last season on the show. This time was a decisive 1st round finish over DENNIS BRYANT; keeping the 26 year old undefeated at 6-0. He was effective with his long reach striking. Once he dropped him he rained down hammer fists till referee  HERB DEAN waived off the fight 108 seconds into it. The 25 year old; DEVONTE SMITH went to 8-1. All 8 are finishes, 5 come in the 1st round. As is this one; a KO over JOSEPH LOWRY at the 2:52 mark. They started with some phone booth fighting early on; then Devonte added in a low leg kick assault. Joseph shot in for a takedown but wound up getting blasted by elbows till he was finished.

Former much troubled DALLAS COWBOYGREG HARDY made his 2nd appearance on the show in 2 months. The 1st time out it took him 57 seconds to TKO his opponent. This time it took only 17 to do it to TEBARIS GORDON before referee HERB DEAN needed to jump in to stop it. Greg came out fast like he was looking for a quarterback to sack. Gordon covered up, but he was cracked with a nasty combo that got through and put him on the mat. In 5 total fights (amateur & pro); the longest Greg’s gone is 96 seconds.

Greg didn’t get a full contract from Dana; although he’s still on a developmental deal. The 3 that were rewarded with contracts are: DEVONTE, KENNEDY, and MOFFETT. This wraps up season 2 of the show. One now must wait patiently a couple of months before season 3 kicks off.


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