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SEC Top Targets For National Signing Day

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When we last visited the SEC’s edition of National Signing Day, Georgia is ranked second overall in recruiting followed by Alabama in sixth and Auburn tenth. Needless to say from the SEC’s point of view, nothing has changed in the rankings nationally and within the conference. has been the primary place to check out who is next to decide where they want to play college football and now we shall look at the top targets for some SEC teams come Wednesday.

Alabama looks to have three targets: SDE Malik Langham (favorite), WR Jaylen Waddle and CB Eddie Smith. Waddle is ranked 39th nationally and is fifth in his position while being ranked third in the state of Texas. Bama has a 69% chance of landing him with Texas A&M way behind with 25%. Florida has two top targets in the warmer section: WR Jacob Copeland and SDE Dorian Gerald. Gerald is 27th national with being number one in his position and fifth in the state of California.

Georgia has their eyes set on CB Tyson Campbell, who is the only favorable target on their list to land. Campbell is 12th in the nation, ranked as the number two defensive back and is fourth in the state of Florida. With five of their top targets signed, Kentucky has one left looking to sign OLB Christopher Oaks. While Oaks is only 325th, the Wildcats have an 87% chance as he is 12th in the state of Ohio with three other players signed from up north, two from the same state.

With three top targets, one is a clear favorite for LSU. CB Patrick Surtain Jr. is sixth pverall in the nation while number one in his position and number two in the state of Florida. Other top targets are WR JaMarr Chase and ATH Mario Goodrich. With Mississippi State, they appear to have a 100% chance of signing OT Jalen Robinson. Robinson is sixth in the state of Mississippi with the Bulldogs hoping to sign two other targets, SDE Fabian Lovett and safety Aaron Brule.

With two top targets most likely cooling off, South Carolina look to most likely land DT Rick Sandidge. Sandidge is 141st in the nation while ranked sixth in the state of North Carolina. The only favored targets for Texas A&M are WDE Jeremiah Martin and TE Glenn Beal. 

The biggest player to commit to an SEC team is dual-threat QB Justin Fields to Georgia, who is the number two overall player with Alabama landing WDE Eyabi Anoma who is ranked fourth. OT Nicholas Petit-Frere is seventh and could land at Florida with ninth and tenth RB Zamir White and OG Jameree Salyer enrolled at Georgia. Georgia still has a chance to finish number one in the nation in recruiting.

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