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Whether someone commits an act; crime or not, if premeditated; should it be punished? We all remember the Super Bowl halftime show with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. That one particular event seemed to have altered the way many think and look at the world. A “thick skin” that we all once had seemed to be ripped off once and for all. You could say rising sensitivities have ruined the world. Fast forward now to Sunday night in Austin Texas at UFC Fight Night 126.

The UFC brought in NATE DIAZ to be there at the card as his announced return could be imminent. There was the well known user of marijuana sitting cageside ready to have his mug on camera and shown all over. It’s been a very pretentious relationship between the Diaz brothers and UFC management; especially over the last 18 months. In cage abilities aside; they have the habit of doing or saying things that may not make execs happy. This stunt may come back to hurt. During a quick break the camera panned to Nate. He’s no fool; knowing this would happen and when it would, he was aware of. The second it did, he goes into a pocket pulls out a joint, places it in his mouth and pretends to light it.

Here’s why this could be bad. For a moment lets forget the kids sitting behind him, and the hundreds in attendance seeing it on the big screen; which is something management doesn’t want to happen. It’s a crime. It’s a crime to smoke it, and it’s a crime to light up in a building. Yes he only “teased” lighting; but you can look at perceived intent. Here’s something else to take into account: with the UFC TV deal about up; would future networks be interested in programming where talent smokes blunts, especially on camera.

Will this lead to a huge fine, or being held out of fights? No; not at all, but to quote Nate; “I’m not surprised motherf***ers”; if the law would like to have a word or two with him. Even if they decide not to, doing this was; pardon the pun, blunt-ly stupid.


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