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Steph Curry is the right athlete to make sports contract history

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The 2017 NBA Free Agency period has been very fascinating. Shortly before the start of free agency, two huge trades happened as Chris Paul joined the Houston Rockets and Paul George was added to the Oklahoma City Thunder. A lot of money was also committed by teams to retaining their stars like Blake Griffin staying with the Clippers and Kyle Lowry staying with the Raptors. There was also some history made during the NBA Free Agency period as Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry agreed to a mega-deal to stay with Golden State that is well deserving.

Earlier this month, Steph Curry agreed to a new contract that will pay him $201 million over the next five seasons to remain in Golden State. He also became the first NBA player to agree to a “supermax” contract because of his NBA experience and accolades that he has recently accrued. Among current athletes, it makes sense that Steph Curry would be athlete to make history with the biggest contract in NBA history. Curry isn’t the best NBA player ever but there are several factors as to why it is apropos that he has gotten a record-breaking contract.

For the last few NBA seasons, Steph Curry was arguably the most underpaid athlete in professional sports. Prior to the 2016-17 NBA season, Curry won back to back Most Valuable Player awards and was paid about $22 million combined for those two seasons, one of which included winning the MVP unanimously. For perspective, Carmelo Anthony, who is an accomplished NBA player but not in Curry’s league as a player, made $22.8 million the same season that Curry won the MVP unanimously. Several seasons of being vastly underpaid have led to Curry getting a contract that correlates with his status in the NBA.

The emergence of the Golden State Warriors as a dominant force coincides with the emergence of Steph Curry from an impact player to a superstar. He has been an incredible face of the franchise and has become one of the most famous athletes in the world.  His jersey has been a top seller for a number of years now. It was also the unselfishness and humility of Steph Curry that allowed the Golden State Warriors to pursue the rare talents of a player like Kevin Durant during the summer of 2016 which has strengthened the Golden State Warriors into a possible NBA dynasty now and the near future. By now earning an average of $40 million per year, Steph Curry is now the athlete with the highest average annual salary of any of the four major American sports and he deserves it.


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