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Stop Hatin’ on Lonzo Ball

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Lonzo Ball is basically the Roman Reigns of the NBA.

When his name is mentioned or he appears before the eyes of the fans, a majority will boo him to holy hell.

Just like Roman Reigns.

Most don’t even know why they are booing this individual. They just boo him because of his name and where he is from and how those of a higher power give him the spotlight.

Just like Roman Reigns.

They boo him because of who Lonzo’s father is.

LaVar Ball can be classified as a clown or a knowledgeable business man who uses the Donald Trump version of advertising. You make bizarre, over-zealous and sometimes true statements and people just need to put their two cents in because people can’t help themselves in this day and age from voicing their opinions on social media. People feel like everyone must know their opinion on any controversial topic from under the sun.  Then you have the on-air gasbags who flood the airwaves and our television screens who use that to their advantage. Constant media attention is given to LaVar’s statement of a female reporter to stay in her lane and their sneaker line. Even more media attention is given after every game Lonzo plays and after every outrageous liner LaVar gives. You give LaVar a microphone, he gives you more material. He’ll say he is better than Michael Jordan. He’ll claim Lonzo is the best thing since sliced bread. People will eat it up and BOO mercifully in every visiting arena. You could have Giannis Antetokounmpo light up the scoreboard and show he is the future of the league and you’ll see maybe 30 seconds of him compared to a 15 minute in-depth discussion on every play Lonzo Ball is involved in.

LaVar’s strategy has worked to perfection. He has employed the Donald Trump social media/television tactics and has gotten more free advertising for the Big Baller Brand than we all could have imagined. Everyone knows who the Ball family is and what there brand is. All without spending a dime on actual advertising.

This is why people hate Lonzo Ball. Jealousy of fame and success.

Yes, his father is over the top and is now using his sons to gain some notoriety after a terrible college basketball career, but he does love his kids. That’s what so many don’t understand. He may be a clown, but he is smart and loves his kids.

Lonzo is currently producing a near identical stat line as one Jason Kidd did in his rookie year.

Yet, people are calling Lonzo trash and he’s all hype with no substance.

In every sport, there is a learning curve for a rookie. To judge Ball on his first dozen games in the league is a joke. He is struggling to shoot at a high percentage and needs to be more aggressive but playing as a pass-first point guard shows maturity and his team player mentality.

Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton said it best about Ball:

The kid is a stud and there is no bones about it.

Just give Ball time and stop hatin’ on the player, hate the game.



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  1. jay jax

    November 11, 2017 at 10:51 am

    no i will not stop hating on him – i even hate the oxygen he breathes and the cloths he wears and the food he eats

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