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FRANKIE EDGAR didn’t need to take this extremely dangerous fight. He could of waited for MAX HOLLOWAY to get better and gotten his title shot. However to quote a line in the movie “ROCKY BALBOA”; “fighters fight”. That’s why Edgar stepped in with a rising sensation BRIAN “T-CITY” ORTEGA.

The Rener Gracie protege came into the fight 13-0, while Frankie in 27 fights was yet to be finished; which is a remarkable stat. Add on that Frankie fights with the grit of a New Jerseyian made this on paper to be an epic battle. Frankie came out fast, but Brian who looked more like a lightweight; countered well and was patient looking for his opportunity. It came when Edgar slipped out of a guillotine attempt by T-City. Ortega then caught Edgar with a left short elbow followed by a 1-2 combo then a right uppercut (NGANNOU-esque) that dropped Frankie to the canvas. He was able to land 2 right hammerfists before referee JASON HERZOG was able to waive it off at 4:44 into round 1.


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