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Every fighter, every athlete says and believes they’re the greatest ever. You have to feel that way to be successful in a profession where you put your life on the line (although you never hear 1st responders talk like that). Recently in the world of MMA; there’s been an overflow of fighters using the term GOAT STATUS. The majority equate being “THE GOAT” with how many belts you hold. In actuality that term should be hurled upon only those who have had minimally 1 double digit win streak, never turned down or had to pull out of a fight, never injured, always active, and have been a clean fighter. While it’s a source of pride and financial gain for an organization to have a fighter in the conversation, let alone reach that status; there’s a major drawback. Which makes them wonder is the juice worth the squeeze. In other words should they truly give the fighter the push they want. That is the tying up of divisions and creating a backlog of contenders. One such argument; and a valid one for it is; in that log jam you get a true number 1 contender. Or at least a 1 and 1A. So there’s a build-up.

Just a few seconds ago AMANDA NUNES started to cement her claim. Retiring queen OG’s RONDA ROUSEY, and MIESHA TATE, then bulldozing through CYBORG. If weight cutting wasn’t an issue she very easily could become the 1st ever concurrent 4 division champion. She has 2 wins over (although many believe she didn’t win both) present flyweight champ VALENTINA SHEVCHENKO. Don’t for a second think by the way Valentina doesn’t want run it back one more time, possibly setting up a 3rd title. The 4th; would be arguably an impossible weight to reach,……. 115. Her vs ROSE NAMAJUNAS would be interesting especially since Rose handled Joanna twice; but Nunes is all around better (and Joanna’s ATT teammate). Even more interesting though would be Amanda vs JESSICA ANDRADE; who’s a mini-me version of Amanda. Guess you could call her the “LIONESS-CUB”.

Now comes the newest member of the group to throw his name into the hat. TJ DILLASHAW has been climbing the ranks of the pound-for-pound list since he’s returned from a rash of injuries. He didn’t really show ring rust, and the fact he now regularly works with boxing kingpin VASYL LOMACHENKO his striking and footwork is up on another level. Coupling that with his speed his claim is solid. Although no one (except Dana White) really knows what’s becoming of the 125 division; a win over champion  HENRY CEJUDO in Brooklyn puts TJ in the discussion. There’s been talk that no way he makes weight. As of now he’s just a couple of pounds over, and yes anything can happen; but it looks like the fight will be a go. Henry for his part is looking beyond ripped too. Even better than in his Olympic days. A TJ win and he becomes the 4th concurrent champ-champ; so what would be next for him? Well there’s starting to get that line formed at 135. With Dillashaw it’s always about legacy. So he’d probably try to knock off some challengers in his domain. There’s also the dream possibility of him stepping up to 145. Everyone in the top-15 brings a unique and interesting challenge for him there. But if he could go for a third strap; you better believe he’d go for it and that GOAT status. That’s just a temptation that’s irresistible.


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