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One of the biggest college football rivalries is Texas vs Oklahoma and is dubbed the RED RIVER RIVALRY. Well that rivalry showed up in Shawnee Oklahoma’s Fire Lake Arena on LFA 18‘s card. Spotlighting in the featherweight title bout between champion KEVIN AGUILAR and JUSTIN RADER. When Justin was informed he was getting his title shot he was in mid celebration from beating EMMANUEL RIVERA eating fries, a cheeseburger, and drinking a milkshake. Not knowing when another shot would come, he jumped at the opportunity. The champ managed to drop Justin early on with a straight right as he was throwing a left oblique kick. By mid third round Kevin was landing the majority of the shots and was well in control of the fight.

When it was announced Kevin won by unanimous decision (and picked up his 13th win) UFC HOFer and icon DON FRYE came into the cage to celebrate with him.

BRENDAN ALLEN claimed his 5th win via submission; coming via a triangle. He had it locked in solid where CHRIS HARRIS  had to tap at 1:22 into round 2. In a catchweight fight CHRIS KELADES picked up his 1st win in more than 2 years. It was a unanimous decision over TYLER SHINN. Despite  BRADEN SMITH locking in a vicious leg lock in the 2nd round;

CHAUNCEY FOXWORTH controlled the bout. Especially landing some major GNP in the 3rd. That’s when Chauncey wound up winning by TKO 4:33 into the final round. JARROD CARD missed with a left hand while pushing forward on DARYL WILSON. But it was Wilson who managed to while backtracking land a right hand


that dropped Card for the KO 64 seconds into the fight. DERRICK ADKINS swept all 3 judges score cards for a unanimous decision win over KYLE DRISCOLLJAMES WARREN suffered an accidental eye injury at the hands of JOSE MARTINEZ. Referee KEVIN NIX brought the cage side doctor in to look at it. At 1:29 into round 3 the doctor decided to stop the fight (giving Jose a TKO win). It now puts James on a 4 fight losing streak and his position in LFA in peril.



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