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The Bell is Tolling on Le’Veon’s Season

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Le’Veon Bell refusing to play this season for the Pittsburgh Steelers due to a contract dispute originally seemed like a disaster for the Steelers.

Now, the bell is about to toll on Bell.

James Conner has gone from 2017 3rd round pick afterthought to one of the best running backs in football. This opportunity only came to be due to Bell’s selfish holdout over a few extra million dollars.

For Bell, if he does not return to the team by November 13th, 2018 will be a lost season for the 26 year-old Bell.

The former Michigan State standout Bell had been one of if not the best multi skilled running back in the NFL up until this season. By taking the year off, he has not only let his stock plummet, but if he does not return, the Steelers can apply a “transition tag” on him, essentially bringing his salary DOWN from the Franchise tag he refused to sign this offseason. He would be dropping from the $14.5 million he refused to approximately $10 million under the transition tag. Also, Pittsburgh would be aloowed to match ANY offer sheet presented to Bell.

Bell will still be one of the most dynamic players on the field once he returns whether this season or in 2019. One can’t help but wonder how much damage he inflicted on not only his overall career, but his actual eventual on field performance. Being away from the field for so long may provide some rust. Granted, very few are able to stutter stop and bolt like lightning like Bell does or just wait what is seemingly an eternity for a hole to open up like Bell does either, but just like a professional wrestler displays ring rust or a baseball player deals with off timing on his swing, there could very well be a slump in store for Bell once back.

Will the Steelers even want him back with Conner performing so well? Do they just let him go? Or do they hope for the best 1-2 running attack possibly ever to be able to work together and get a high volume of snaps in the same type of time share Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram currently go through now?

A week from now, we will have part of our answer.


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