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The BHP Burning Question – Hugh Freeze: Stay Or Go?

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No matter how good a team is in any sport, there is always issues at hand which can immediately hinder that process. While there is a similar case going on at Ole Miss, no matter how much success they’ve had in recent years, something has always derailed it, usually either player misconduct or dealings with the NCAA. Since being charged with lack of institutional control and self imposing a one year postseason ban, the Ole Miss fan base feel the athletic department may not be done yet.

Head coach Hugh Freeze had been charged by the NCAA with failure to monitor and not promoting an atmosphere of compliance, all stemming from the Laremy Tunsil case involving a domestic dispute with his stepfather and evidence of dealing with agents. Along with that charge, there were four former coaches under Houston Nutt’s staff who had committed other violations not connected to Freeze. It has been reported that the charges are severe enough to cost Freeze his job, and it wouldn’t be the first time it has happened at Oxford.

During his nine years at Ole Miss, Billy Brewer was under scrutiny for multiple NCAA recruiting violations, not once but twice (1987 and 1994). It stemmed from assistant coaches and boosters offering recruits gifts and had been stories of offering a car and taking recruits outside a required 30 mile range of Oxford. It was said that the penalties were so severe, the NCAA almost handed down the “death penalty”, meaning there could be no football related activities for at least one year.

The penalties eventually led to Brewer’s dismissal, and now the debate is on to whether keep Freeze on board. With what was the most biggest success since Johnny Vaught, it is heart wrenching for all involved. Freeze himself proclaims his innocence that he stayed within compliance. Brewer’s situation however was far more severe than Freeze’s. If Freeze does go, the rebuilding process will once again be a longer one and who knows how long it will be to get back to where they are.

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