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With all the talk of champ-champs; and the daunting possibilities of a champ-champ-champ; on this  WWE ROYAL RUMBLE weekend it put an idea in mind. It fits nicely with the starting of another pro-wrestling to MMA career in JACK SWAGGER/JAKE HAGER. Jake fits more in the mold of a BROCK LESNAR with a college background in wrestling than a CM PUNK/PHIL BROOKS. We’ll just have to wait till Saturday night to see if he can take a punch to the face. But that’s all Bellator’s story line and for now; let us chat UFC champs. Obviously there is no “over the top rope” in MMA; but what would happen in a “go till you have nothing left” battle. Sorta like the gladiators of the past in the Roman Coliseum.

There are 12 divisions with presently 11 champs. So how would it all play out if they all stepped into a cage or ring at the same time? That my friends; would be quite an interesting display of cunning, and skill. Most likely there would be a gang up on the female flyweight and strawweight queens:  VALENTINA SHEVCHENKO and ROSE NAMAJUNAS. It wouldn’t be pretty for either one with all that fresh power around them. Valentina would probably last a little longer being the more well rounded and faster of the pair. The present lone champ-champ in the company; AMANDA NUNES has the speed and more importantly the bull rush power to last a little while with all the guys. She might as well also take one out with her. Lets lay that distinction at the feet of TJ DILLASHAW. Couldn’t see his newest rival; HENRY CEJUDO lasting much longer after that.

Now the rival pairings off really happen. DC and JON JONESTYRON WOODLEY and ROBERT WHITTAKER, and finally KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV and MAX HOLLOWAY. You could look at the last 6 as 3 mega-fights; but in a rumble type situation it’s never truly just one-on-one. It would behoove the other 4 to get Jon and Khabib out asap as they’re the 2 most dangerous. If they could accomplish that feat it would kinda turn wild-life survival of the fittest. Always go after the smallest and perceived weakest. Here’s the thing that Max has proven though; the more he gets beaten the better he gets. So it’s imaginable that Bobby-Knuckles gets taken out next. At that point Holloway’s never ending gas tank might actually be running on empty finally. That leaves the final two men standing: DC and T-Wood. It’s an interesting match-up because Woodley has the wrestling, takedown defense, and power that would frustrate Cormier. Daniel on the other hand; is well….. Daniel. The pros pro that always finds a way and thinks like a Magic Johnson or Larry Bird. Ten steps ahead of you. No doubt about it; this would be a fantastic chess match battle. The narrowest of edges incredibly may go to Tyron Woodley here. He has the power in both hands to drop the former champ-champ; and as long as he’s not concerned more with TMZ or a rap career he truly may be able to handle Daniel. So on this day at least; it’s something fun to thing about before having to deal with the NSAC, and repercussions for arguably one of Bellator’s biggest most important cards.


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