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The Cowardice of Jose Urena

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At 20 years of age, Ronald Acuna Jr. has been nothing short of expectations in his rookie season. Even with missing over a month due to injury and not starting the season on the Major League roster, the young outfielder has played excellent defense and has tore the cover off of the ball.

His recent tear has consisted of hitting home runs at a Ruthian pace, including multiple games in a row with a lead-off home run.

Obviously, when someone is hitting this well, you want to stop their momentum any way you can. Usually that means throwing the ball inside to brush back the hitter or not give him anything good to hit until you hit him in the lower back with a softer pitch.

You don’t throw the first pitch 97 MPH right towards the guy’s head like Jose Urena did last night.

It is clearly a cowardly move by Urena. You’re not good enough to pitch to Acuna so instead you just plunk him towards his head?

Not cool.

Some say it is the old school approach to get in the mind of the hitter. Regardless, you don’t try to aim for the person’s head with a 97 MPH fastball.

It shows that not only has Acuna gotten in the head of Urena, but the Marlins as an organization. Kids like this are the future of the game. The future of the game is always Major League Baseball’s number one focus, so for a sub-par pitcher to aim for Acuna’s head, it should not be tolerated.

Anything less than a 10 game suspension would be unfair. Heck, to send a message based on how deliberate the pitch was, I would suspend Urena for the rest of the season without pay.


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