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The Darkest Black Monday in Years

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On Sunday evening as I watched The OT on FOX after Atlanta’s 22-10 victory over Carolina, I listened to Jay Glazer ramble name after name of potential coaches who were on the hot seat.

At first, I just took it as Glazer being Glazer to get people to pay attention.

Then New Year’s Day hit and sure enough, name after name is dropped.

Bruce Arians retires.

Jack Del Rio is fired in preparation for a Jon Gruden hire.

Jim Caldwell fired even after two consecutive above .500 seasons with Detroit.

Chuck Pagano let go after a 4-12 season without Andrew Luck.

Dom Capers leaves Green Bay without a defensive coordinator.

It goes on and on and on and on. (Cue Journey)

With teams getting less and less patient, it seems more than ever teams are willing to put coaches on the chopping block to fit the newest trend. This doesn’t even count ownership tossing General Managers to the curb.

Look at how San Francisco put their chips in with John Lynch.

Look at how the Rams took a gamble with Sean McVay. Bringing in a young and sharp mind has turned the Los Angeles Rams into a Super Bowl contender.

Teams will want to model after the newest trend.

This past season reminds me of the season Chip Kelly brought in the fast paced offensive to Philadelphia. Another example is when Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III implemented their college style option offense to the NFL.

The following year, teams either figured out how to combat these new trends or fell in line and joined those who succeeded.

Black Monday, it never ceases to amaze with how many teams tear things apart as soon as their season is over.

I wonder if Ben McAdoo will get a key card with another organization.


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