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The Detroit Pistons and the 2017 NBA Draft

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There is a definite buzz surrounding the NBA Draft happening tomorrow as teams jockey for position. Already we have seen Boston trade the #1 pick to the 76ers for their #3 pick and a future #1. In smaller news, perennial under achiever Dwight Howard is going to Charlotte. Also being talked about are Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Kristaps Porzingis, Paul Millsap, and D’Angelo Russell.

The goal is to obviously create that super team to compete with the Warriors. With Fultz now going to Philadelphia, they are stacked for the future if everyone could just stay healthy while they gain experience. It looks like Lonzo Ball is headed to the Lakers, but their problems go much deeper. Even if they land George they have little hope. They will need a blockbuster on top of George like Lebron to ever really be able to compete.

Boston could be very interesting if they select Jackson, the seven footer from Kansas, who can play both ways. While it gets them closer to Cleveland, I still do not think it puts them over the top. Looking at the rest of the draft picks, I do not see anyone who will help their team enough to make much different in the drive for a title. I like Tatum as best of the rest followed by Fox and the big man from Arizona Markkanen.

Cleveland is still the center of attention as they look to grab George or Butler. I believe Butler is the better choice, but Love would be the casualty. I still think this would make the Cavs better as they try to overcome the Warriors. They still need another defensive presence beyond Butler to put them over the top, but they do become much more dangerous either way.

The only other team that can compete in 2017-2018 is San Antonio if they can stay healthy and get a key acquisition beyond their 29th pick. I am very interested to see what the Timberwolves and Pelicans do, as with the 76ers, these could be the teams of the future if they can add to their very strong cores. Teams like Houston, Toronto, Memphis, Utah, Atlanta, and the Clippers do not excite me in the least and will have a difficult time making any run at the title without a Lebron like acquisition as their core players have not proved they have what it takes to move to the next level.

Now we look at my Detroit Pistons. 2016-2017 could not have been more disappointing. Baynes just opted out of his contract which while not major, does hurt a little. We have Drummond, Leuer, and Jackson locked up to 2020 and Morris, Smith, Harris, Johnson, and Marjanovic thru 2019. KCP is not going anywhere even while not under contract currently and Hillard, Gbinije, Ellenson, and Bullock are still in the mix. The sad news is this team as constructed cannot compete. They are just not talented enough and I do not see that changing with any pick at #12. While Kennard, Z. Collins, or even Ntilikina could help, the core is a mess.

Drummond while a very good player, is not a superstar and I am not sure he has room to improve from what we have already seen. KCP is wildly inconsistent. Harris, Leuer, and Morris are just average at best and Jackson has disappointed. Johnson has not turned into the player they had hoped for and no one else down the bench has all-star potential. I would love to see them sell anything they can to stockpile picks. Some say they may trade the #12 pick to get a veteran, but that is not the approach that is ever going to get them to the top. Give me a couple of 20 win seasons with a few top picks mixed in with some other 1st round depth and maybe you can have something two or three years from now. Otherwise we will continue to hover around .500 which is just not acceptable.


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