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The dominance of the Warriors and Cavaliers should be celebrated

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There appears to be a collision course between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2017 NBA Finals. It would be the third consecutive meeting for both teams for the NBA title and both teams have been terrific this postseason. They are combined 16-0 this postseason with multiple double-digit victories for both teams during this postseason. The inevitable NBA Finals matchup between the Warriors and Cavaliers have made some sports fans decry the NBA postseason as boring and predictable but it is better to view and appreciate the talents and performances by both Cleveland and Golden State.

Although the Cleveland Cavaliers entered the 2017 NBA Playoffs as the number 2 seed in the Eastern Conference, it is difficult to not make any LeBron James-led team the favorite in the East. James has made an incredible six consecutive NBA Finals appearances. For perspective, the last time James didn’t play in the NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics was the Eastern Conference NBA Finals representative being led by Garnett, Pierce, and Allen and coached by Doc Rivers. Garnett and Allen have retired since then with Pierce now recently retiring and Doc Rivers has just completed his fourth NBA season with the Los Angeles Clippers. Now LeBron James is playing even more terrific than usual and his team is putting together a challenging offensive attack to defend with the one-on-one ability of Kyrie Irving and solid three-point shooting from players like Kyle Korver.

The dominance of the Golden State Warriors was less surprising considering it was predicted from the moment they added superstar Kevin Durant during the summer of 2016 to an already efficient and talented team. The Warriors are one of the most exciting sports teams to watch in recent memory with a diversity of talented shooters and versatile defenders. They are the most challenging team in the NBA to defeat because they can win with offense or defense despite their three-point shooting reputation.

It is important to remember that both the Warriors and Cavaliers feature not only multiple NBA All-Stars but multiple future Hall of Fame players. LeBron James is playing to match or eclipse Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all time, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are both locks for the Hall of Fame regardless of how their career ends, and guys like Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and Klay Thompson are building Hall of Fame resumes right now. From a roster standpoint, both the Warriors and the Cavaliers have similar top-end talent as many NBA champions throughout NBA history. Enjoy the show they are putting up. We have a modern-day version of the Celtics and Lakers of the 1980s.


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