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On what was going to be an overall spectacular weekend of MMA, the UFC was struck a massive blow. The weekend was to see some great bouts in CAGED WARRIORS 81 from Dublin Ireland, BELLATOR 174 from Oklahoma (highlighted by the 3rd female featherweight champion between MARLOES COENEN JULIA BUDD), and UFC 209 (with the much anticipated rematch between TYRON WOODLEY & STEPHEN THOMPSON and the khabib-ferguson for the interm lightweight belt). Saturday night March 4th in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas; lightweights KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV and TONY FERGUSON were to have finally stopped their back and forth chirping and step into the cage versus each other. This is the third time the two were to have battled. In 2015 THE EAGLE suffered an injury that cancelled the booking then in 2016 TONY suffered an injury that stopped the booking.

This comes on the heels of a lackluster and somewhat controversial night at UFC 208. The co-main event was by far the most anticipated bout, shining over the main event re-match. During the tapings of UFC’s EMBEDDED VLOG SERIES, Khabib seemed cheerful, was joking around, and happy. Then things took a turn for the worse. Early Friday morning Khabib fell ill due to the weight cut and was rushed to a local hospital and was later released. Tony however; got on the scale for the official morning weigh-in at 154.5 pounds. MICHAEL JOHNSON (who Khabib beat at UFC 205) is in Vegas, offered to step in, and former champion EDDIE ALVAREZ, said he’d step in as well. The UFC as of right now has scrapped the bout off the card instead.

The issue has plagued MMA for eons…… weight cuts. The damage they do to the human body; no matter how finely tuned they are is immeasurable. The UFC used to do “official” weigh-ins later in the day to give fighters more time to cut. That in turn left less time to rehydrate. They’ve recently gone to an earlier in the day (usually 9am-11am) weigh-in, so it would give fighters more time to snap back. Both have merits both have issues; so with fights constantly being changed or scraped, WHAT IS THERE TO DO? Disaster and bad things in sports tends to be when things grow and change for the best. Perhaps, it is time to learn from boxing, and add weight classes. It may slightly dilute some companies divisions, but it would keep fighters in theory healthier if they fought closer to their walking around weight.

So what happens to this match up and the division? I tend to think a FERGUSON-ALVAREZ bout should be made, that winner gets champion CONOR MCGREGOR, then that winner takes on Nurmagomedov.









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