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The life of an athlete is so microscopic compared to a human’s lifespan. We all hope they call it a career earlier rather than later. We cringe at the sight of those we grew up watching be beaten up, battered, bruised, as shells of themselves. Yet many times when they do walk away we as “outsiders of pro athletics” normally have one response; “Oh come on; you have more in you”. Well for the second and most likely the last time GEORGES ST. PIERRE is walking away. The first coming after a sound beating he got from JOHNY HENDRICKS that the judges awarded him the win anyways. Arguably THE G.O.A.T. of the sport walks away completely doing things his way. The one characteristic he showed better than anyone else ever in the sport is CLASS. He refused to talk trash, he honored every opponent; although deep down that probably burned him up. “RUSH” walks away on a 13 fight winning streak, very very wealthy, maintaining all his senses, and multiple business opportunities. The one thing that would have kept him active was things to enhance his legacy.

Five names since he relinquished the middleweight strap he took from MICHAEL BISPING at UFC 217 that were tied to him were: ANDERSON SILVA, TYRON WOODLEY, CONOR MCGREGOR, NICK DIAZ, and recently KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV. The Spider fight would have been a fun one to watch and is a shame we’ll never have been able to get it. T-Wood and Conor; sure could have been magic; but were really never going to happen. A rematch with Nick especially these days was dead on arrival with Nick’s lack of hunger. Although; after the retirement presser Nick started trolling Georges across social media. Khabib was the one that really tried to push for it. The Dagestani serving a nine month suspension; who will actually sit a year because of his team/family camaraderie; would have been a true chess match. And in this day and age of the UFC needing mega-main events that one would work. Easily it could obtain 2 million ppv buys. Khabib’s father wanted that match to truly test his son.

No matter how great that fight would be the lightweight division is once again immensed itself in muddy murky waters to the point fighters are asking for their release. So GSP off the street really doesn’t have the right to jump the q. Now; if say Khabib was stripped, and it was a one off; yes lets do it. To get the middleweight title shot he jumped everyone because there was no true challenges for Bisping. Yet if there is anyone doubting his greatness; a win over Khabib for the 155 belt makes him number 1. Three division champ cements him, no arguing. Although it’s a safe bet 1 of the reasons the UFC wasn’t in a rush to book this fight is the fear of GSP winning and immediately walking away again; leaving the division in another mess. A win for Nurmagomedov in the fight doesn’t destroy GSP’s legacy at all; but, it cements Khabib’s. And frankly; who knows how long Khabib will stick around for now. Even if it was to be the debut of the 165 division it would be insane. We however shall never know how it would turn out. Because a great, in front of the media, hung up his gloves for the last time. Or did he? This is combat sports after all, and anything goes. Yet in this time of fighters consistently “popping” for something; GSP never did. So if YOU enjoy G.O.A.T. talk; Pierre has to be top of the list if you only consider “clean” fighters and those who did things right.


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