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In a few short months; 4 3/4 to be exact; the UFC begins it’s new broadcasting era. The overall number of cards; both ppv and over the air will increase. While that gives their very large sized roster more opportunity to fight; it over saturates the market. That’s just one reason of many ratings have slipped substantially. Whether you like him or hate him; the return of CONOR MCGREGOR should help uptick that number. But that’s like throwing a pitcher of warm spit into the ocean; he can’t fight on every single card. Another troubled fighter; JON JONES may be back soon, and he’s always good for a ratings boost. However; one must wonder whether fans have finally had enough of him.

ESPN and ESPN + have said over their airwaves cards will be much different. It’s believed one thing they’re going to do is have earlier start times. Meaning less likelihood those on the American East Coast will be 3 fights into a card at 1 a.m.. DANA WHITE after the final episode of THE DANA WHITE TUESDAY NIGHT CONTENDER SERIES taped did a media scrum. He clarified what the future is for alternate programming. First; the TUF gym is closing after TUF Brazil wraps up. The company bought a larger space next door of more than 130,000 square feet. He also said despite the “live viewer”  ratings dropping significantly for TUF it will continue on the new network. As will the DWTNCS whose ratings continue to rise. DANA WHITE LOOKING FOR A FIGHT will continue on as well.

It’s unknown as of yet publicly which of the broadcasters will be brought over from FOX. They also may need to “flashy” things up a bit. The WWE style ramp and the individual fighter video package entrance that Bellator uses is very popular and has received great feedback since day 1 of them using it. Would the UFC/ESPN even consider adding that. You can imagine the “closet hardcore fan base”; losing their minds over it saying “welcome to wwe junior”. But the fact that group has ALWAYS FAILED to understand is to run a successful business you must do what brings in money, and that’s doing what the majority enjoy. Another thing they may consider is something that is unheard of in MMA. At least in all the big companies. That’s having champions bring their titles to the cage; or at least their team carrying them out. It happens in all other combat sports; boxers do it, wrestlers do it, so ESPN may just ask the UFC to try it out.

Only thing for certain is; things are going to get visually more attractive. At least one hopes so.


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