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The New Daniel Bryan’s Attack on Consumerism

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Ladies and gentlemen, we may have the 2019 promo of the year and we’re only nine days into the new year.

On Tuesday night, Smackdown Live started a bit different in comparison to the norm, as Daniel Bryan began the night in the concourse of the arena as he blasted the WWE Universe for all of their wrongs. From their cheering for AJ Styles to their consumption of high fructose corn syrup in all of the soda they drink, Bryan was firing on all cylinders as fans on the concourse, in the stands and at home could only watch in awe and disbelief.

Daniel Bryan was once one of the most beloved superstars in WWE as the leader of the YES! movement. The movement made its way outside of the professional wrestling ring as sports teams such as the New York Islanders instilled the chant as a staple following a goal on their home ice.

Now, the “new” Daniel Bryan is throwing hot dogs in the eyes of fans on the concourse. This heel persona is getting stronger and more entertaining as the weeks go on and it’s going to get to the point he will be cheered, if not already. The amazing thing is if you look at each fan’s interaction with Bryan during this opening skit, they all are either willing to take the abuse, or are smiling as they boo him while providing him with a thumbs down motion. Every fan knows he is right about the over consumption of goods and the over consumption of fatty/unhealthy foods and beverages.

Bryan has encapsulated the hated vegan character from the mannerisms to the passionate guilt filled pleas. Bryan is that angry vegan we all know. Bryan is the angry vegan that tries to lecture you about why eating meat is wrong, especially processed meats.

How can you even boo him?

This is a perfect example as to why Smackdown Live has been surpassing Raw in terms of viewership and fan interest. Real, true to life characters with entertaining stories. Yes we watch WWE for the wrestling, but we also want to be invested into the characters and stories.

Kudos to Daniel Bryan for showing why he is the top guy in all of WWE right now.


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  1. sophie crane

    January 9, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    Sorry but if I was WWE I Would Fine Bryan $50.000 of Attacking the fan with that hot dog.

    • Mark Hulser

      January 10, 2019 at 12:01 pm

      I’m sure WWE compensated the fan with merchandise or a meet and greet of some sort. As far as Bryan goes, doubtful of any type of story line fine but you never know.

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