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At the HULU THEATER at MSG, the former WSOF; now PFL launched their 1st regular season. While the format they’re running is interesting it seemed some fighters didn’t pay attention that finishes matter most; and the earlier the better. That’s because the earlier the finish the more “points” they get; leading to a better playoff seeding. On December 31st they’ll return to MSG to crown their 6 division champions and a pot of $10 million is on the line.

That being said the 1st four fights ended with spectacular finishes in the 1st rounds. DANIEL GALLEMORE came out throwing; looking to hurt FRANCIMAR BARROSO. He did till Barroso caught Daniel with a combo that started to shut his left eye. An uppercut then finished that job. As Francimar tied Gallemore up along the fence looking for a submission; referee DAN MIRAGLIOTTA called for the cageside doctor to come look at the eye. He instantly called off the fight at 3:57 of round 1 via TKO. ALEXANDRE ALMEIDA on the mat quickly transitioned an arm bar on LEE COVILLE that he tapped to 1:22 into the fight. STEVEN SILER got seriously rocked a couple of times by  MAGOMED IDRISOV early, but referee KEITH PETERSON let the action continue. But on the ground Steven managed to roll through Magomed and locked in a triangle that at 4:19 he had to tap to.  KELVIN TILLER morphed in FRANCIS NGANNOU as he landed a massive counter punch on the jaw of CAIO ALENCAR almost decapitating his head off his shoulders KO’ing the Brazilian 3:34 into their fight. That came after Caio secured a takedown but after little action they got stood up. NAZARENO MALEGARIE and JARED ROSHOLT both did just enough to pick up wins via unanimous decision respectively over MARCOS GALVAO and VALDRIN ISTREFI.

ALEX NICHOLSON and JAKE HEUN exchanged early in the first fight on the main card. Alex was getting the better of them and kept Jake off balance despite Heun landing some solid shots. Less than a minute into the 2nd Alex turned into MICHAEL JORDAN jumping from the free throw line as he looked like ROMERO-WEIDMAN. Alex’s left knee landed flush just as Jake was ducking; thus sending him crashing to the canvas for the KO. MAX COGA was fast and crisp on his feet; landing from different angles and scoring with some kicks. However TIMUR VALIEV‘s takedown skills was the big difference maker. Timur was able to land some GNP for good measure. Max attempted some submissions to no avail as the pair let their hands fly in the closing moments. Timur had done enough in the judges eyes for a unanimous decision. For a fairly good part of the fight LANCE PALMER and BEKBULAT MAGOMEDOV worked each other along the fence. In the 2nd Lance was able to take Bekbulat down and keep trying a RNC until he got it locked in at the 3:21 mark.

The 45-1 opening line favorite to win the featherweight title received the biggest “pop” of the night. Long Island’s undefeated ANDRE HARRISON was taking on JUMABIEKE TUERXUN in the “main event”. Andre dropped him early with a low leg kick but didn’t go down after him. Instead he chose to hit him from every angle and move away from the rare counter attack. Harrison then started taking Jumabieke down; work him on the mat; and attempted D’Arce chokes a couple of times. When Tuerxun tried his own takedowns they got stuffed. Andre was in complete control from that opening bell hurting Jumabieke a couple of times. Andre easily picked up the unanimous decision win. While it kept him undefeated; he lost valuable points by not getting the finish.

There was one undercard fight held for after the main event; where JACK MAY walloped JOSH COPELAND by TKO 4:30 into round one. With all the fights finally complete here are the standings in the heavyweight division: KELVIN TILLER (6), JACK MAY (6), FRANCIMAR BARROSO (6), ALEX NICHOLSON (5), JARED ROSHOLT (3), JAKE HEUN, ALDRIN ISTREFI, JOSH COPELAND, CAIO ALENCAR, and DANIEL GALLEMORE (all with 0). While in the featherweight its: ALEXANDRE ALMEIDA (6), STEVEN SILER (6), LANCE PALMER (5), ANDRE HARRISON (3), NAZARENO MALEGARIE (3), TIMUR VALIEV (3), JUMABIEKE TUERXUN, BEKBULAT MAGOMEDOV, MARCOS GALVAO, MAGOMED IDRISOV, LEE COVILLE, MAX COGA (all with 0). All things considered it was a decent showing for a mid week card; which is generally a tough thing to pull off for MMA.


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