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The team best suited to add Adrian Peterson

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The 2017 NFL free agency period has begun with numerous signings of players changing teams. Teams are looking to sign players that can make a difference in a run to the Super Bowl like former Browns center Alex Mack did for the Atlanta Falcons in 2016. A free agent who could garner interest is former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. A former NFL Most Valuable Player, Peterson has an accomplished NFL resume that will likely land him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, Peterson is not a top free agent but there is one NFL team that should strongly consider bringing in Peterson to help their team.

The Oakland Raiders had a resurgent 2016 season. They won over 10 games for the first time since 2002. They have an exciting young quarterback in Derek Carr, a superstar pass rusher in Kahlil Mack, and have become a legitimate playoff contender for 2017. Their hopes for a deep playoff run were dashed with Carr’s late season injury. Incumbent Raiders starting running back Latavius Murray was unable to make up for Carr’s absence as he had a total of 50 rushing yards in the two games without Carr in the starting lineup. Adrian Peterson, even at 32 years old and coming off a serious knee injury, would represent a possible upgrade.

Although the Raiders are still in relocation limbo regarding moving to Las Vegas, Adrian Peterson would still be a nice draw for fans in either Oakland or Las Vegas. Financially, joining the Raiders could work because Latavius Murray is also a free agent and the Raiders have little financial resources currently dedicated to the running back position. Adding Adrian Peterson behind one of the NFL’s more powerful offensive lines could be a positive for both Peterson and the Raiders in making a run for the Super Bowl.


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