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The Time Is Now To Push Drew McIntyre

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World Wrestling Entertainment’s booking as of late hasn’t exactly been the strongest. Most specifically, their disaster of a Crown Jewel show which feels like they bombed it on purpose since they were in Saudi Arabia.

However, there is a shining light as we motor ahead to WrestleMania season.

Drew McIntyre.

There had been rumblings that stated McIntyre would get a push in the coming months due to the overwhelmingly positive response from the WWE Universe in anything he was involved in ever since his return to the main roster. Dolph Ziggler definitely deserves some credit here in being the perfect partner by his side throughout all of this, creating a powerful tandem that gave The Shield all they could handle on many occasions.

After Monday’s Raw, McIntyre looks to be on the fast track to a battle with Brock Lesnar sooner rather than later.

McIntyre toyed with Kurt Angle, absolutely brutalizing the legend with his own maneuvers and even getting Angle to tap out to his very own ankle lock. The victory for McIntyre was such a dominating one and has continued a trend in which he has emerged victorious or unscathed. He has gotten the better of Braun Strowman on multiple occasions and it looks like that could be re-hashed at Survivor Series since both will be on the same Raw team. Perhaps a match in December to determine the number one contender?

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if McIntyre emerges as sole survivor for Raw or even as the WINNER of the Royal Rumble match, which would eventually lead to a split with Dolph Ziggler, then setting up a match for Fast Lane between the two to determine who becomes number one contender. We could even witness Ziggler vs. McIntyre at WrestleMania with McIntyre going over and setting him up for future title opportunities.

With Roman Reigns out of the picture indefinitely, WWE needs some new stars besides Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman. This is where the likes of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and now Drew McIntyre need to step up.

It’s up to creative if they want to take that road with Drew.


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