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The UFC has a dozen divisions; and a third are about to come to a screeching halt. There may be a way to help unclog them, and make money at the same time. But will the UFC take the plunge? The PFL brand of a regular season is a glorified grand prix style. BELLATOR is presently doing their heavyweight grand prix to crown a champion, and announced they will be doing a welterweight one starting in September. MMA has it’s origins in the grand prix tournament format. Four UFC grand prixies would solve problems. They can even tweak what other organizations are doing. Have all 1st round fights the same night, then same for the 2nd, 3rd, etc; and even have the semi’s and final the same night. That’s the way most MMA fighters start in wrestling tourneys. Albeit 2 of those log jammed divisions can for now be put on the back burner.

With MAX HOLLOWAY physically messed up for the time being the featherweight division can use some help. The ranked fighters are all nipping at each others heels. The number 1 ranked fighter  (ORTEGA); can get a 1st round bye. Then have 2 vs 15, 3 vs 14, 4 vs 13, and so on. Another way to go would be have fighters (1) 2 through 12 involved and 13-15 be alternates. If they did each round on one night it would also help fill up the many more cards they will have under the new TV contract. It also would give fighters a little more control of their destinies.

A division one would imagine wouldn’t be in need of help is the female flyweights. But they are. Champion NICCO MONTANO; since winning the strap at the TUF 26 finale has had a crazy plethora of issues preventing her from defending. It’s time to put the aforementioned grand prix into place here as well.

Now for the elephant in the room that’s going to happen in 2019. With DANIEL CORMIER sitting atop the heavy and light heavyweight divisions and a nearing expiration date to his fighting career  (MARCH 20th to be exact). He has by his own account 2 fights left in him; November-ish and then March. This is down the lines of the mistakes the company made with Conor McGregor. And a key problem to the “SUPER FIGHT” where someone walks off with 2 belts; instead of just having both champs then go back to their divisions. While the only true “money fight” at 205 for him is sitting on the sidelines in CSAC limbo; JON JONES. But to run back him and Jon in MSG would be huge. The likelihood of that happening is slim at best though. Another problem is if he was finally able to beat Jones it would be a loss for the division. Due to him only having 1 fight left after that with 2 belts. Yes sure; the UFC could just make a fight between then 1 and 2 contenders; winner taking the strap. But the grand prix format does bring more excitement and anticipation. And his other match is vs BROCK LESNAR; period game set match. However Lesnar can’t get into the octagon till mid January at best thanks to USADA. That would leave DC-BROCK for a March retirement match. Brock wins; he’s champ and a new timeline can begin. However if Cormier defeats Lesnar and then retires the strap doesn’t have a waist to go around. Thinking long term; Brock although being one of the best physical specimens walking the planet might not be too long for the UFC either. He himself turns 41 later this week (JULY 12th); and the body strain of going back and forth between the UFC and WWE is a tiresome one. So a heavyweight grand prix could be the fix there as well.

Aside from all the theorizing, and speculation; there is one thing that is for certain. With all these issues popping up FRANK and LORENZO FERTITTA are probably laying back on a boat somewhere smiling still sipping champagne. But make no mistake; these log jams can get very ugly very fast.


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