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There Are No More Happy Harvey Days Ahead

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For New York Mets fans, a game in which Matt Harvey took the hill was expected to be a top notch game. A game in which the Mets had a tremendous chance at winning.

If you take a look at the career transgression of Matt Harvey, it has been a roller coaster type ride.

Four years ago, Harvey had a 1.28 ERA on this date. He had just completely baffled a strong Chicago White Sox lineup and was showing Major League Baseball he indeed was the future of the game. Two years ago, Harvey showed us all in the playoffs that he could make light work of any player known to man.

Now, Harvey is at a career crossroads.

We all have seen Harvey live the New York superstar lifestyle. From being a regular at New York Rangers games to dating the stunning Adriana Lima, Harvey became the most well known Met outside of David Wright. He is no stranger to the red carpets with the gorgeous Anne V and no stranger to making appearances at events such as movie premieres and golf outings.

Thing is, has he put this lifestyle ahead of his baseball career?

In the past, it seemed as if the Mets overlooked Harvey’s lavish lifestyle and appearances. When he looked like a future hall of famer on that pitcher’s mound, the organization turned the other cheek and let him do what he pleased. Now it’s a different story.

With his mix of good and lackluster performances, Harvey should be putting his baseball career at the forefront of every decision he makes.

Going golfing the day of a game and then complaining of a migraine while not showing up isn’t an excuse.

Putting a dildo in Kevin Plawecki’s locker is funny, but childish for someone who really needs to get his act together.

So, when I see the Mets decided to suspend Harvey, my only thought was it’s about time.

Harvey filed a grievance with Major League Baseball over the suspension yesterday and it will most likely not be overturned.

The relationship between the Mets and Harvey is beyond strained at this point.

Mets legend Bobby Ojeda chimed in via Twitter on the situation and he is 100% right:

Even with the suspension being only three games it doesn’t matter. The message has been sent.

Havrey needs to get his act together whether he likes it or not.

The ball is in his court. His window as well as the Mets’ window is closing quite fast.

Up to him if there are any Happy Harvey Days left.


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