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Tide Hold Off Aggies

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If the faithful at College Station wanted a sign that they were able to handle their own against one of the best in the country, plenty of proof was shown as the Aggies held their own against the number one team in the country. Alabama came into College Station scoring 125 points and only giving up three points the last two games, and ever since Texas A&M’s collapse at UCLA, they ran off four consecutive wins including three straight in the SEC. This wouldn’t be the first time they’ve tried to knock Alabama out of the top spot, which they almost did yet again.

This game also comemmorated the 1967 Southwest Conference championship team which was also led by Gene Stallings who suffered a heart attack over a week ago and later on coached at Alabama helping lead them to a national title in 1992. This is one game that has shown signifigance and connections involving not only Stallings, but Bear Bryant also as they were part of the group called The Junction Boys. It makes you wonder why this hasn’t been renamed the Bryant-Stallings Bowl yet.

It was the most likely the biggest defensive battle in the SEC West when the Aggies still had a shot and instead of their quick offense, it was the defense that nearly did its job as expected. While Alabama was only up 24-3 in the third, Kellen Mond began to settle down as he evaded would be tacklers and was able to hit Christian Kirk on 4th and goal scoring their first touchdown of the game. Shades of a comeback and stopping the Alabama offense late in the game were beginning to show.

It was Bama’s first turnover of the season by WR Robert Foster which set up the Aggies’ touchdown. As the Crimson Tide was forced to punt, Mond led a rushing attack all the way to the Alabama 10 before being picked off by Minkah Fitzpatrick at the 1, his first of the season which may have saved the game. Bama however could not move the ball as J.K. Scott’s punt was blocked giving the Aggies a safety, pulling them within 12. Even after a pass interference call, they were able to contain Mond sacking him twice.

Jalen Hurts was able to eat up enough clock to at least and thanks to a 15 yard penalty by the Aggies was able to put up a field goal with 2:14 left. After the Aggies scored with 19 seconds left, all that was left was a recovery and to score a touchdown and a two point conversion to tie which didn’t happen. The biggest moments for Alabama was Damien Harris’ 75 yards TD run and Fitzpatrick’s INT at the 1 yard line which kept the Crimson Tide from being upset on the road.

Alabama hosts Arkansas at home with Texas A&M regrouping and heading to Gainesville to face Florida. Even with the point spread, it was by far the best SEC West matchup yet.

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