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If you read the fine print on combat sports tickets or promotional items you’ll see the sentence “CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE”. Organizations pay upwards of millions of dollars in promotions and marketing. It’s the responsibility of the men and women in those departments to come up with the catchy slogans, phrases, and graphics that make us remember (or try to forget) events. And do it laser fast when things go awry; which happens more often then not. Despite what some fans think there are no conspiracies in combat sports (at least when things change).

In the world of professional wrestling; guys falling out is an extreme rarity. The same in boxing. As a matter of fact you’re probably more likely to be struck by lightning than to see a boxing match fall off. However when you crunch the numbers; more than half the time an upcoming MMA card will have some change somewhere. Whether its visa issues, family/personal situations, weight cutting problems, injuries; there’s always something. It happens to every company from some local Thursday night league to the mighty UFC, and it happens way to much. 99.999% of the time replacement fighters are rushed successfully to be found, but there is the odd occasion when they’re not. A fight or two falling off a card doesn’t guarantee anyone that they’ll be sleeping in bed much sooner, or that they’ll be taking part in some fun activities in their favorite watering hole. So why not change things right now?

With the addition of instant replay in sports “to always make the right call” (although that still doesn’t happen at times). Why not solve a problem before one arises. It’s time for some good ol’ common sense. When a bout agreement is signed between two fighters; a 3rd fighter should be added if “god forbid something happens” to a fighter. This way if fighter “X” falls out on Monday at noon, at 12:01 fighter “Y” and his team are contacted immediately. So while it will still be deemed “short notice” for said fighter, he or she would have been prepping for it. It also helps out the promotional and marketing departments. Ads, etc can be already made and ready to go at a moments notice. If there’s not an issue and a fight happens, well merchandising can be destroyed, remade, or even given away to the needy. Its what the   “MAJOR SPORTS” do with championship material. The winning teams items get sold, the losing teams “championship items” get sent to the homeless, needy, and third world countries.

Adding a third fighter to bout agreements guarantees fighters that they will fight. After all that’s what they say they really wanna do is fight. A standby fighter can make some money as well instead of just being at home not making money while waiting for his/hers next fight. Say maybe 20%-30% of what they would have made had they been need. But that percentage is a small detail easily solved either by a case-by-case basis or a hard cap number.

There’s plenty of issues, loads of problems; and it’s about time an easy one gets fixed.


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