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A competitors heart never dies, it simply adapts. The man known as “THE ICEMAN”CHUCK LIDDELL has a special place in this writers heart and mind, and he holds that in many other MMA fans as well. He’s one of the reason’s (along with TANK ABBOTT, KEN SHAMROCK, and DAN SEVERN) I became a fan of the sport. One of the biggest similarities between fans and the athletes they root for is living in wonderful memories. In fact; that’s what makes us human; memories. (Then again, who’s to say animals don’t have them as well). Through the ages athletes years after walking away from what defined them to many go in search of that challenge again. It’s a mind set that many people do not understand. To quote APOLLO CREED “if there is no war to fight, the warrior might as well be dead”.

Chuck had a storied 21-8 career record, he is a Hall of Famer, he’s acted; all to quench the spotlight thirst. Recently more fighters than ever years after walking away have publicly let it be known they want to step back into the cage. While the UFC (for now) refuses to book “legends fights”, BELLATOR has done so. Make no mistakes it’s been profitable for them as well. With new UFC ownership in debt you have to wonder if they will sooner than later change their stance. But just because there is money to be had, doesn’t mean you should take it. There’s a solid argument for both sides. One hand says; who gives anyone the right to tell a fighter who wants to continue that he must walk away. The other side of the coin is, we don’t want to see you walk in the cage and exit it in a body bag. The NFL is still being rocked by CTE cases and studies, and one can assume soon enough MMA will deal with that too. Just imagine what happens to a company if a fighter returning from say 8 years away gets rocked and passes away in their cage. I can smell the lawsuits from my office desk right now. But for the most part fighters have spoken in general terms. Recently Chuck and one of his bitter rivals TITO ORTIZ have gone at each other on social media. Chuck KOd him the 1st time they fought then won the rematch in the 3rd round via TKO. Tito just 6 months ago walked away, said he’s happy to be gone, toyed for a few seconds about a comeback, then repeated he’s officially done. Chuck walked away on a 3 fight losing streak and was 1-5 in his last 6 fights 7 years ago. The last 3 were loses to RASHAD EVANSSHOGUN RUA, then RICH FRANKLIN. The last two were in the 1st round, 2 by KO 1 via TKO; and he looked old and slow. The light heavyweight division is filled with killers, and this would be sending a lamb to slaughter. If he was to take on one of his rivals it may look like to old guys rolling around the floor of an old age home.

On the positive side for Chuck; his speech has gotten better since he’s been away. Multiple times recently I was lucky enough to speak to Chuck; as a matter of fact he was gracious enough to do an intro liner for my podcast “IN THE CAGE WITH CYCLONE”. He also recently put out on social media a video of himself hitting the bags. He looks sharp there’s no denying that. But to slightly change a quote from  BRUCE LEE “bags no hit back”. Back on season 9 of DANCING WITH THE STARS he actually finished in 11th place (out of 16), and didn’t seem to be too stiff. Despite all those things he’s right now 47, and I prefer to keep my “great memories” of Chuck where they are. It was hard watching him get cracked and cracked easily. With Bellator’s roster and product improving exponentially, I’m hopeful they stop with these “legends fights”; preserving all their memories as great.



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