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Tom Dundon Saves The AAF

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The Alliance of American Football nearly collapsed just one week after a largely successful debut.

Reports indicate that the AAF had been under funded and missed week one payroll do to a “glitch”, while nearly missing week two payroll until Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon invested $250 MILLION into the upstart league. Dundon will be the Chairman of the AAF thanks to his hefty investment.

The AAF got off to a hot start the weekend after the Super Bowl, bringing in very high ratings and beating out the Rockets vs. Thunder matchup in primetime on that Saturday night.

The quality of play wasn’t exactly to the NFL standards, but it provided some very exciting moments including this vicious hit on Mike Bercovici, the former Arizona State standout.

Seeing a lack of penalties and a more fast paced game made fans who were going through NFL withdrawals content. There are no extra points or kickoffs in the AAF. Instead, we get to see two point conversions after every touchdown and are able to listen in on the coaches as they call plays and react to the game’s big moments. It’s a win win for both fans and the league as it provides a more personal and exciting viewing experience, even though the majority of the league is filled with no-names and NFL retreads such as Trent Richardson and Nick Folk.

What didn’t help was the lack there of scoring in week one between San Diego and San Antonio in prime time on CBS, but at least they displayed kickers who could kick field goals, something many NFL teams had an issue in finding for the 2018 season.

Dundon saving the AAF is a good sign as now there will be some motivation by him to eventually turn this league into the “minor league” affiliate of the NFL, but a lack of advertising and excitement existed for week two. I personally had forgotten about the league due to WWE’s Elimination Chamber event being on Sunday until I saw some highlights on Twitter when scrolling through my feed.

The AAF needs to work on getting more eyeballs on their product and provide consistent reminders that their league is legitimate football. Without constant ad space and promotion by CBS, there may need to be another $250 million investment from another owner.

AAF’s early struggles may just be a one time thing and the league will emerge as the official minor league of the NFL. However, their early struggles will only help Vince McMahon as he prepares for his XFL launch in 2020.


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