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Too Much Coverage on Tim Tebow?

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For those of you who are unaware, Tim Tebow’s minor league baseball career started off with a bang, a home run in his first at-bat. The stunning first at-bat caused an uproar on social media and across Major League Baseball.

Could we see Tebow donning a New York Mets uniform sometime soon?

Well, fast forward to game number nine of the season, and Tebow is hitting under .200.

However, his run production is there.

For somebody who hasn’t been in professional baseball all that long, he’s playing relatively well in comparison to fellow minor league players who have been playing for years consecutively.

Tebow is nearing 30 years of age.

Should he get so much coverage while there are so many others who are doing so much better and deserve the spotlight?

Many say no, but those who are saying no aren’t running television networks or printing newspapers.

So many people out there care about Tebow because of his Christian values and his message. He’s the perfect role model for people of all ages. Never give up on your dreams. Never say die. Always believe in your faith.

Plenty of people who show disdain towards Tebow are “haters”. There are so many of them in this world and every day that goes by, Tebow continues to silence the haters, giving stations such as ESPN ammunition to cover his latest hit or defensive gem.

Tebow brings in ratings. Tebow brings so much positive to the world of sports.

Why take that away?

He may never be Bo Jackson. He may never be Deion Sanders.

Tim Tebow is Tim Tebow. A man with a message. A man with heart. A man with a desire.

Let us cheer him on and hope for his success. Tebow truly deserves it.


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