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Once it was officially announced that the UFC would be moving from FOX to ESPN there would have to be seismic and systematic changes. The turn over doesn’t go into effect until January; but there’s no time to waste in talents next career paths. You see; organizations don’t hire the commentators or broadcasters you hear. Sure; they can let the network know their opinions, but in the end it is the networks that do the hiring and firing of the “teams”. So as of right now it’s anyone’s guess on which broadcasters come to ESPN with the UFC.

Two of them just landed other gigs though. And with the UFC schedule about to pick up (the espn deal has more fight cards than the fox ones); it’ll be hard to see that they come with. Especially since the odds of a company like ESPN allowing their broadcasters to work for another network is almost slim to none. Outside of MICHAEL STRAHAN working for FOX sports and ABC due to his large q-rating and the amount of eyes and dollars he brings in. That’s because KARYN BRYANT and MEGAN OLIVI  just got hired by FOX SPORTS to work as part of the “NFL team”. Working an NFL weekend is a minimum Friday to Sunday prep job. It will be hard to see them do NFL prep work, cover a UFC event, then immediately head to whatever stadium they need to be at. JAY GLAZER is able to do it as he’s just an “NFL insider” for FOX while working SOME BELLATOR events on Fridays. Karyn gets her debut this Sunday at the PANTHERS – FALCONS game. Two weeks later she’ll be in Jacksonville when the NY Jets come a calling. Megan makes her start on the 23rd when the NY Giants go to Houston. She then will be in Oakland for the Browns.

What this also does at least for the rest of September to the end of December is let FOX and the UFC test out other broadcasters in other areas as a live audition. LAURO SANKO is most likely going to be doing the backstage interviews; a gig she was doing on the DWTNCS. While FOX has a lot of ex-fighters as broadcasters; the chief at the desk is usually NOT an ex-athlete. So who gets Bryant’s desk job is any body’s guess. Safe to say though Jimmy Smith has the inside track. That is until Joe Rogan decides to completely stop doing PPV’s on a regular basis (he has done less work over the last 10 months). Guess we’ll all have to “LISTEN and WATCH” to find out.


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