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Say what you will about FOX (sports); but they never stirred a toxic powder keg that blew up in their face. The UFC leaves FOX to head to ESPN (and ESPN +) and boy are they playing with fire.

Four and a half years ago, GREG HARDY was convicted of multiple counts of domestic violence. He brutally beat his then girlfriend which charges were then dropped when she no showed in court. It has since been speculated but NEVER confirmed if she was bought off or scared off. But what it did do; was get him once and for all tossed from the NFL. And that’s a league that has a colorful assortment of men with criminal records. The NFL realizes however DV is one of those toxic hot button issues it needs to and continues to stay away from. Do people deserve a second chance? ABSOLUTELY!! However that second chance should be not in the public eye arena. He could live quietly happily ever after doing the 9-5 thing. The majority of the planet is quite fulfilled doing that.

That being said; is he at all talented in the cage? Yes he is. He’s had 6 career fights so far between pro and amateur. He’s 6-0; 5 TKO’s and 1 KO. All in the first round, and the longest he’s gone is 1:36. The 6’5″ heavyweight has power in both hands and from all accounts the American Top Team fighter is getting better on the ground. It appears that DANA WHITE, and the powers that be in the UFC are ready to give him his UFC debut. The choice of card though, is ABSOLUTELY MIND BOGGLING BEYOND BELIEF.

January 19th is the first card on ESPN+, and it’s in the loud opinionated borough of Brooklyn. But here’s no opinions. ESPN’s parent company is DISNEY; you know the company who’s logo is a mouse, and who always demands squeaky clean images from all its talent. Well; now they have a woman beater on a card with a woman who a couple of weeks ago survived a horrific beating from her husband.  ARNOLD BERDON was originally arrested and charged with 2nd degree attempted murder which was then dropped to 2nd degree assault of RACHAEL OSTOVICH. He pleaded not guilty to those charges claiming self defense. However; as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. He had hardly a scratch on him while she walked away with a broken orbital bone, and bruised ribs, among other injuries. She was then taken off of the Jan. 19 card. The 27 year old Hawaiian sensation was undefeated as an amateur but recently has traded wins and loses. She pleaded to stay on and after being cleared by doctors her fight with PAIGE VANZANT; who by the way survived being gang raped and bullied in high school; was back on. Her main reason was to show her young daughter and survivors that they can carry on.

The booking is wrong on so many counts; even if you feel Greg should be granted the honor to step into the UFC’s octagon. ESPN does have a say to a degree on who they’d like to see or not see on their cards. You have to wonder what JAMES PITARO; the president of ESPN is thinking right about now. The same goes for Dana White, and the match makers. Especially with this loud and immediate outrage from across the MMA media and from fighters across other organizations. Greg who was a polarizing ALL-PRO; is about to become arguably the biggest heel in the company’s history. And there’s no shortage of heavyweight’s ready to beat on him for the DV issue. Guys like DERRICK LEWIS, STIPE MIOCIC have made it known how they feel about those that abuse women.

Hopefully now the borough of Kings will let those in power know how they feel where it counts most. In the wallet. Leave it to the UFC to take an inspirational story; and frankly poop all over it.


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